Volkswagen UP 2023 : Prices, Photos, Specs, Consumables

The new Volkswagen UP 2023 is a hatch that gained popularity by presenting a more affordable option to the automotive market without leaving aside technology, safety and beauty. The model soon reaches the market, and so you know more about the Volkswagen UP 2023 continue to follow.

Then, we have gathered for you information such as the technical data, the items and the consumption of the Volkswagen UP 2023, follow and stay inside of everything.

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What’s new in the Volkswagen UP 2023

The expected for the Volkswagen UP 2023 is that the model receives changes both abroad and in its internal part, and may still bring new versions to the market.

At the front the UP brings a new bumper with a strip in the center part and LED headlights with chrome trim.

Volkswagen UP 2023

Currently the competitors of the Volkswagen UP are Kwid and Mobi, models that stand out for market price and fuel economy.

The Kwid for example looked up to Renault for bringing in its latest release a 1.0 SCe three-cylinder engine.

Among the improvements expected for this release we also have:

  • New redesigned bumper;
  • Reformulated front grille;
  • LED lights and darkened headlights;
  • EA-211 3-cylinder engine 1.0;
  • New multimedia center with Composition Touch system with 5 “screen integrated to the central part of the console.

Volkswagen UP 2023 items

The interior of the new car 2023 also receives improvements, and now the model will feature new technologies such as:

  • Air-conditioning with dust filter and pollen;
  • “Easy drive” – ​​electric direction;
  • “Park Pilot” – rear parking sensor;
  • Fixing the child seat with ISOFIX / top tether system;
  • Sound system with AM / FM radio, CD-player, bluetooth, MP3 player and USB / AUX-IN / IPod inputs;
  • Electric front windows;
  • Electric locking of the front and rear doors;
  • Fog lights;
  • Fog light;
  • Traction control (M-ABS);
  • TC “- Traction control (M-ABS);
  • Push-button boot lid;
  • Central console with cup holder.

Technical specifications Volkswagen UP 2023

The new technical file of this release has not been released yet, but we have gathered here some of the information already expected for the Volkswagen UP 2023 , follow:

  • Motorization: Engine 1.0 three-cylinder aspirated engine and 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbos;
  • Length (mm): 3689 mm;
  • Width (mm): 1645 mm;
  • Height (mm): 1504 mm;
  • Between-axes (mm): 2421 mm;
  • Weight: 922 kg;
  • Capacity of the trunk: 285 liters;
  • Fuel tank: 50 liters.

Volkswagen UP 2023 Consumption

The tests of consumption of the Volkswagen UP 2023 presented the performance of the model, but while INMETRO evaluates the launch, we expect the average achieved to be:

Engine 1.0 three-cylinder aspirated

  • Consumption in the city (Km / L) 9.1 with alcohol and also 13.2 with gasoline.
  • Consumption in the ride (Km / L) 9.9 with alcohol and also 14.3 with gasoline.

Turbo three-cylinder 1.0 engine

  • Consumption in the city (Km / L) 9.6 with alcohol and also 13.8 with gasoline.
  • Consumption in the ride (Km / L) 11.1 with alcohol and also 16.1 with gasoline.

Price Volkswagen UP 2023

The new value of the Volkswagen UP 2023 has not yet been announced, however we have to follow the current model price, please follow:

  • Volkswagen Take Up! for $ 10230 ;
  • Volkswagen Move Up! for $ 13000 ;
  • Volkswagen Move Up! I-Motion for $ 13600 ;
  • Volkswagen Move Up! TSI for $ 14200 ;
  • Volkswagen Move Up! TSI Connect for$ 14800 ;
  • Volkswagen High Up! TSI for $ 15380 ;
  • Volkswagen Cross Up! TSI for $ 15000 .

As soon as the new price of this release is announced we will update more information!

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