Volkswagen Spacefox 2023 : Versions, PHOTOS, Prices, Engine and Consumption

The automotive novelty of the time is Volkswagen Spacefox 2023 ! Available for purchase since July 2023, the model plus family of the manufacturer received technological adjustments. The great attraction of the Volkswagen Spacefox 2023, since its first appearances, is its large comfortable interior. To see the evaluation, follow it!

Volkswagen Spacefox 2023

Released in mid-2005 in US, Spacefox is a reference version to the van, or van, built-in to Fox. The cars differ because of the wider characteristics and larger capacity of the luggage carrier of the Space, for example.

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The model was the pioneer of Sportvan in the country. Result of its bold design, coupled with the features of a minivan. A success of the time, which still meets faithful consumers throughout the country.

Volkswagen Spacefox 2023

Volkswagen has been present in US for more than 65 years. There are 4 factories in the US industrial centers. Producing cars with advanced technology, comfort and durability. Recognized, mainly, by the investment in engine and power of the vehicles.

In addition to the Volkswagen Spacefox 2023 , the manufacturer promises to reach 20 launches in the country, by 2023, which has yielded an investment of $ 7 billion.

Spacefox 2023 Series Volkswagen Series

With the slogan ‘Fits everything you can imagine’. The Volkswagen Spacefox 2023 features show that the car goes far beyond size and space opportunity. Investment in design and technology has also made it a model of success.

  • Park pilot: front and rear parking sensors show the distance controller on the radio display;
  • Multifunction steering wheel: main controls can be performed on the steering wheel, reducing the need for the driver to take his hands off him. In addition to the voice command;

  • On-board computer: I-System concentrates radio information, phone status, compass and on-board computer with fuel consumption data, kilometers driven and much more;
  • Infotainment system: color touchscreen. It allows to connect cellular, car and radio;

  • Tilt-down: automatic adjustment of the rearview mirror when the driver engages the reverse gear, facilitating the execution of the beacon;
  • 440 liters trunk;
  • Bench adjustment;
  • 15-inch alloy wheels;
  • Headlights and fog lamp.

Volkswagen Spacefox 2023

Even though it is primarily dedicated for family use, the Volkswagen Spacefox 2023 engine is a hot spot for consumers. After all, power does not mean radicalism. It just makes the car even more attractive.

Since its sporty and daring design, with a bright black front grille and side trim in the color of the vehicle, attract the attention of all types of public.

According to the Auto Esporte magazine, the versions feature an engine:

  • SpaceFox Trendline: 1.6-liter 104 hp engine and five-speed manual gearbox;
  • SpaceFox Trendline I-motion (top-of-the-line model) : 1.6-liter 104-horsepower engine and five-speed automated gearbox.

Consumption Volkswagen Spacefox 2023

Created for the urban area, the consumption Volkswagen Spacefox 2023 with 1.6 engine shows a medium result compared to other models in the category.

  • Average consumption in the city: 7.2 Km / L;
  • Average consumption on the road: 9.4 Km / L.

Price and Versions Volkswagen Spacefox 2023

The price and versions Volkswagen Spacefox 2023 had an increase of, in average, $ 2,500. Nothing scary for the current automotive market.

Who likes the model, certainly will not mind paying a little more to receive more technology and comfort.

  • SpaceFox Trendline 1.6: $ 16880;
  • SpaceFox Trendline I-Motion: $ 17850.

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