Toyota Prius 2020 : Price of Hybrid, Consumption, Token and Photos

The Toyota Prius is a model that innovates with every launch, and the expectation for that Toyota Prius 2020 is no different. The model has not yet been announced in US, but we have already gathered details and brought today so that our readers know better the new Toyota Prius 2020 !

The Toyota Prius 2020 is a vehicle that continues to grow within its segment, so the automaker invested even more in this launch that soon will be circulating in US.

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What’s New in the Toyota Prius 2020

There have been no official announcements regarding the news that the Toyota Prius 2020 will present, but it is already expected that the model will bring:

  • New LED daytime running lights;
  • Redesigned Front Grid;
  • Redesigned back design.

Toyota Prius 2020

Colors of the new Prius 2020

We have 7 exterior color options for the Prius 2020 , including:

  • White;
  • Red Emotion;
  • Night Blue;
  • Galactic Silver;
  • Gray Granite;
  • Black Attitude;
  • White Pearly.

Items of the Toyota Prius 2020

The interior of the new Toyota Prius can present even more modern items in this release, and among them are already expected items such as:

  • Engine power display;
  • Electric windows;
  • Height adjustment for headlights;
  • Complete multimedia center;
  • Bluetooth;
  • USB port;
  • Reverse camera;
  • MP3;
  • Hot air;
  • Assisted steering;
  • Height adjustment on the driver’s seat;
  • Multifunction steering wheel;
  • Leather-coated seats;
  • On-board computer;
  • Central armrest for the driver;
  • Automatic air conditioning, digital and one zone.

Technical specifications of the Toyota Prius 2020

The data sheet of the Toyota Prius may receive new information, but as these details have not been released we have brought some information expected, see:


  • 1.8 Hybrid Motor;
  • Electric Power: 82 horses;
  • Electric Power + Fuel: 134 horses;
  • Torque: 14.5 Kgfm at 4000 rpm;
  • Fuel: Hybrid and Petrol;
  • Exchange: Automatic CVT;
  • Alloy wheels: rim 15;
  • Weight: 1415 kg.

Capacity and dimensions

  • Length: 4540 mm;
  • Distance between axles: 2700 mm;
  • Width: 1760 mm;
  • Height: 1490 mm;
  • Capacity of the trunk: 412 liters;
  • Fuel capacity: 43 liters.

More information on the model data sheet will be updated as soon as it is released by the automaker, keep an eye on our post!

Toyota Prius Safety Items

The Toyota Prius is a model that features state-of-the-art technology, so the launch could not fail to invest in safety items for the model.

Some of the items that the Prius 2020 brings are:

  • ABS brakes;
  • Front, side and curtain airbags;
  • Traction control;
  • Stability control;
  • Head rest;
  • 3-point safety belt for all passengers.

Toyota Prius Consumption

The consumption of the new Prius in US is being evaluated by INMETRO, but it is already estimated that the launch will present the following average consumption:

  • Average consumption of the city: 19.2 km / liters;
  • Average consumption on the road: 16.8 km / liter.

The results released by INMETRO will be updated to our readers as soon as possible!

Request of the Toyota Prius 2020

The new Toyota Prius 2020 has not yet had its price disclosed, but the expectation is that the hybrid arrives in US with a price of approximately $ 34500.

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