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The new Renault Scenic 2023 is a mid-sized minivan being prepared to return to the automotive market. The model has remarkable characteristics, it is contemporary, and so you can better know its characteristics we prepared this post on the details of the new Renault Scenic 2023 .

Renault Scenic 2023

The Renault Scenic 2023 is ideal for those looking for a spacious, modern and comfortable model, then we will check out a little more about these features!

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We will begin by talking about the look of the Renault Scenic 2023 , as the automaker is expected to maintain the modern style that is a strong point of the model.

The expected improvements to Renault Scenic’s design include new LED flashlights, redesigned headlights for a more elongated style and sharper lines on the front of the minivan.

Renault Scenic 2023

Another notable improvement in this launch is in the dimensions that can be updated giving up to 40 mm in length and 20 mm in width, so that we have a more comfortable Renault Scenic 2023 .

Next we will talk about the items that make up this interior with new dimensions of Renault Scenic , follow!

Renault Scenic Series Items

The interior of the Renault Scenic offers state-of-the-art items that have been selected so the minivan offers greater comfort, safety and handling, check out some of these items:

  • Air conditioning;
  • GPS;
  • Bluetooth;
  • Multimedia center;
  • Hydraulic steering;
  • Document holder with lid;
  • Door with lid;
  • Head-up color display;
  • Steering wheel with height adjustment;

  • Removable, folding rear central seat;
  • Support table for the front seats;
  • Bose surround sound system with 11 speakers;
  • Key with remote control by radiofrequency;
  • Automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection (standard on all versions);
  • Band exit warning;
  • Fatigue detector;
  • Parking Assistant Easy Park Assist;
  • LED fog lights;
  • Panoramic glass ceiling.

Motoring the Renault Scenic 2023

A new engine can be presented with the arrival of Scenic 2023 , but as details of that engine were not disclosed see what is already expected for the model:

  • Engine 1.6 with 16v Hi-Flex with power of 110cv to gasoline and 115cv to ethanol;
  • Engine 2.0 with 16v in gasoline and power of 138cv.

See also the performance shown by the engines described above:

  • Engine 1.6: goes from 0 to 100 km / h in 11.8 seconds with gasoline and 11.5 seconds with ethanol;
  • Motor 2.0: goes from 0 to 100 km / h in 10.1 seconds with manual gearbox and 12.1 seconds with automatic gearbox.

Renault Scenic 2023 datasheet

The technical specifications of Renault Scenic will be announced at its official launch, however some details awaited for the model are:

  • Motorization: Engine 1.6 / Motor 2.0;
  • Width: 1860 mm;
  • Height: 1660 mm;
  • Distance between axles: 2800 mm;
  • Luggage compartment: 410 liters;
  • Length: 4169 mm;
  • Weight: 1250 kg;
  • Fuel: Petrol and Ethanol.

Renault Scenic consumption

The test of consumption of the Renault Scenic 2023 presented the performance of this model, but as INMETRO, the body that will perform the tests, has not yet released results, see the expected average:

Engine 1.6

  • Average consumption in the city: 10.9 Km / liter with manual transmission and 8.4 Km / liter with automatic transmission;
  • Average consumption on the road: 12 km / liter with manual transmission and 13.2 km / liter with automatic transmission;

Motor 2.0

  • Average consumption in the city: 11.4 Km / liter with gasoline and 8.2 Km / liter with ethanol.
  • Average consumption on the road: 14.5 Km / liter with gasoline and 10.4 Km / liter with ethanol;

We will update the updated model consumption as soon as the official results are released.

Prices of the Renault Scenic 2023

The new market value of the new Renault Scenic has not yet been announced, but for this launch we expect an average value of $ 24250 .

As for the versions, we expect the minivan to arrive in 2 options, which are:

  • Renault Scenic Dynamique;
  • Great Renault Scenic.

More information on the new Renault Scenic will be updated soon, continue to follow.

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