Renault Alaskan 2020 : Prices, Photos, Specs, Consumption

The Renault Alaskan 2020 is a medium-sized truck that will present new dimensions and an even more complete interior to offer safety and comfort to users. Want to know more about the new Renault Alaskan 2020 ? So keep reading!

The new Renault Alaskan 2020 is a great investment from the automaker, and as we like to know every detail of the automobile launches we prepare the details of this truck to follow!

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Renault Alaskan 2020

The launch of the Renault Alaskan 2020 already causes a new impact in the US market for being the first global truck of the brand with capacity of up to 1.2 tons.

In addition to load capacity Renault Alaskan offers a modern look with well-marked lines and accentuating the most sporty footprint of this pickup.

The new Alaskan also features a new front grille with more striking design and elongated lanterns.

Renault Alaskan 2020

The model will chagará to US to compete with big names of the market, check some of these competitors:

Renault Alaskan items

The interior of Renault’s pipape is a great differential of the model, because it offers new technologies and items of last generation like:

  • Two-zone digital air-conditioning and manual;
  • Leather seats with heating and electrical adjustments for driver and passenger;
  • Ignition without the need for a key;
  • Lumbar support seats;
  • Front seats with heating;
  • On-board computer;
  • Bluetooth;
  • GPS;
  • Reverse camera;
  • Multifunction steering wheel;
  • Aids for ascent and descent;
  • 360 degree view by cameras.

Renault Alaskan 2020 datasheet

The technical data sheet for this 2020 launch has not yet been released, but we expect the Renault Alaskan 2020 information such as:

  • Fuel: Diesel and gasoline;
  • Valves: 16;
  • Fuel tank: 80 liters;
  • Load capacity: 1000kg;
  • Transmission: Manual with six gears and automatic with seven speeds;
  • Length: 5.26 m;
  • Between-axis: 3.15 m.

As soon as the new Alaskan 2020 technical sheet is released we will update more information!

Consumption of Alaskan 2020

INMETRO has not yet released the results presented by the Renault Alaskan 2020 during the consumption test, but the expected average is:

  • Average consumption: 6.5 km per liter .

Renault Alaskan prices

The market value of Alaskan 2020 will be confirmed at its official launch, so we will have to wait for more information to be released.

The following gives you the current model price, see:

  • Renault Alaskan Flex 4 × 2 Mechanics: from $ 31000 ;
  • Renault Alaskan Flex 4 × 4 Automatic: from $ 36400 ;
  • Renault Alaskan Diesel 4 × 4 Mechanics: from $ 36400 ;
  • Renault Alaskan Diesel 4 × 4 Automatic: from $ 36400 ;
  • Renault Alaskan Diesel 4 × 4 Automatic TOP: from $ 45800 .

Check out more photos we have selected from Renault Alaskan for you reminding us that our post will be updated with more information of this release as soon as disclosed, keep an eye!

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