NIO ES6 2023: Prices, Photos, Design, Power reserve

NIO ES6 2023 is an all-electric crossover of a young Chinese brand, created as a compact version of a larger model ES8. The crossover has the proper practicality characteristic of cars of its class, while offering absolute environmental friendliness of the electric drive with zero emissions of harmful substances.

Transmission NIO ES6 2023

The electric car is presented in three trim levels: Standard, Performance and Premier Edition, for which a different combination of 2 electric motors is offered, one on each axis.

The Standard version is equipped with 2 permanent magnet motors, each of which has a power of 160 kW, so that the dynamics of acceleration of an electric car to 100 km / h is 5.6 seconds.
The Performance version is equipped with motors for 160 (PM) and 240 kW (IM), has an adaptive suspension and accelerates to 100 km / h in 4.7 seconds.
The Premier Edition includes 160 (PM) and 240 kW (IM) motors, adaptive suspension, optional equipment and the premium Premier Signature Pack technology, and also accelerates to 100 km / h in 4.7 seconds. The maximum crossover speed in the top configuration is 200 km / h.

Rechargeable battery NIO ES6 2023

Each of the complete sets of the electric vehicle has 2 battery options with a capacity of 70 or 84 kWh. The cruising range of the NEDC cycle, depending on the battery capacity and vehicle version, is from 410 km to 510 km.

Electric motors (PM and IM) Acceleration to 100 km / h Battery capacity Power reserve (NEDC)
NIO ES6 Standard 160 kW + 160 kW 5.6 s 70/84 kWh 410 km / 480 km
NIO ES6 Performance 160 kW + 240 kW 4.7 s 70/84 kWh 430 km / 510 km

NIO ES6 Electrocrossover Design

The electric car received a very expressive exterior with an original narrow front optics, an interesting front bumper pattern, good design taillights, which nevertheless resemble the taillights of Renault models.

In general, NIO ES6 2023 does not offer any exclusive interior details that would highlight an electric car in it. The body emphasizes the practicality of this class, offering, among other things, a good clearance.

They tried to make the electric car as technological as possible inside, equipping it with a digital driver dashboard and a large touch screen multimedia system, however, the final level of innovation will depend on the vehicle equipment. Of the interior features of the NIO ES6 2023, a large panoramic roof in the top version should be highlighted.

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