New VW Golf 2023 : Price, Pictures, Versions, and Motorcycle

Ready to meet the eighth generation of one of Volkswagen’s most popular cars? The new VW Golf 2023 already has a date to be launched by European factories. But before that you need to know important information about the new VW Golf 2023 , all the news and what has been prepared by the dealership!

New VW Golf 2023

The month of June 2023 will have a super novelty in the automotive world: launch of the new vw golf 2023. This is the month that the concessionaire has chosen to release its new product in the market. It is believed that R $ 7.1 billion will be invested in the production of the vehicle.

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Features of the New VW Golf 2023

Volkswagen representatives say the new golf will continue to be one of the top models in the range. With sporty design the latest golf model should weigh 70 kg less than the previous models, because the material used should be lighter.

Another new addition is that the new vw will be the first of the brand with partially hybrid technology , adopting a 48-volt electric system, assisting the mechanical part and resulting in the fuel saving when the vehicle is totally stopped, braking or moving without the accelerator aid.

The exterior design should present the main features:

  • Air intakes remodeled in bumpers;
  • Grid changes and redesigned headlights;
  • The rear comes with new bumper and LED flashlights;
  • Alloy wheels.

As for the innovations of the interior of the vehicle, it will be possible to notice bigger changes, the bet is in less physical buttons and more sensitive areas to the touch:

  • Fully digital panel;
  • Multimedia center with 9.2 ‘screen;
  • Gesture sensor and compatibility with latest smartphone systems;
  • Ample internal space and trunk;
  • Multifunction steering wheel;
  • Rearview mirrors with electrical adjustment.

Versions of the New VW Golf 2023

Like most Volkswagen dealership products, the new vw golf 2023 versions will be available as:

  • Comfortline: Golf Comfortline 1.0 TSI
  • Highline: Golf Highline 1.4 TSI and Golf Highline 1.4 TSI AT
  • GTI: Golf GTI 2.0 TSI AT
  • Golf R: Golf R 2.0 turbo

The highlight goes to the GTI and Golf R models that will increase their power from 220hp to 250hp and 310hp to 350hp respectively. Meanwhile the other TSI 1.0 engines have 125 hp, 1.4 come with 150 hp and 2 hp with 220 hp. Both manual and automatic vehicles will have 6 gears.

Price of the New VW Golf 2023

The date for the marketing of the eighth generation of Golf in US has not yet been disclosed, some believe that this uncertainty is due to the low sales rate of the 2023 model in the country. It is necessary to be aware of official information regarding the production and price of the new vw golf 2023 .

Still, there is some speculation about this information, certainly based on previous models:

  • Golf Comfortline 1.0 TSI: $ 21220 ;
  • Golf Highline 1.4 TSI: $ 27500 ;
  • Golf Highline 1.4 TSI AT: $ 29550 ;
  • GTI: Golf GTI 2.0 TSI AT: $ 36300;

New VW Golf 2023 datasheet

The datasheet for the new vw golf 2023 shows additional information on the most desired versions of the model:

  • Engine: 2.0 TSI / Petrol;
  • Power: 220 hp;
  • Torque: 35.7 kfgm at 1500 rpm;
  • 6-speed automatic transmission;
  • Direction: electric;
  • Luggage compartment: 338 liters;
  • Weight: 1317 kg.

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