New Uno 2023 : Price, Pictures, Specs and Consumables

When we talk about popular cars we soon remember models like the new Uno 2023 , a launch of Fiat that offers the market a modern, safe and complete option within this segment. Do you want to know more about this model and check what news the new Uno 2023 will have? So keep following.

New Uno 2023

Uno 2023 is a very successful model, and from the first releases it remains among the best sellers, and then we can check more information about this new release.

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The Fiat Uno is a classic of the automotive market that comes with yet another launch for the US market, the new Uno 2023 .

Not all news for this release has been released, but the model is expected to show improvements in the look that make it even more robust.

New Uno 2023

This launch will also be equipped with new items to make it even more technological, comfortable and safe.

Among the highlights will be electric direction and new electronic control of traction and stability.

Uno 2023 series items

The new Uno as already expected brings an even more complete and beautiful interior, this way we will find in the model items such as:

  • Air conditioning;
  • Alarm;
  • Eletric lock;
  • Air bag;
  • Rear Suspension;
  • Double Effect Telescope;
  • Rear Suspension;
  • Pocket knife;
  • Radio;
  • USB;
  • Start-Stop;
  • Departure from ramps;
  • Dualogic;
  • Stability and Traction.

Technical specifications of the new Uno 2023

The new data sheet of the Fiat Uno 2023 will present detailed information regarding what the model presents in this launch, and among the information we will have:


  • Engine 1.0 three-cylinder flex of 72 hp with gasoline and 77 hp with alcohol;
  • Maximum speed (km / hour): 157;
  • Acceleration 0-100 km / h (seconds): 12.5;
  • Engine 1.3 four cylinders flex of 101 hp with gasoline and 109 hp with alcohol;
  • Maximum speed (km / hour): 177;
  • Acceleration 0-100 km / h (seconds): 9.8;
  • Automatic five-speed or sequential automatic shift (Dualogic) with 5-speed automatic mode.

Dimensions and Capabilities

  • Length: 3,810 mm;
  • Width: 1.636 mm;
  • Height: 1480 mm;
  • Ground clearance: 165 mm;
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2376;
  • Weight (kg): 1010;
  • Fuel tank capacity: 48 liters;
  • Luggage compartment volume / capacity: 290 liters;
  • Occupants: 5.

Consumption of the new Uno 2023

The consumption of Uno 2023 is evaluated by Inmetro fueled with both alcohol and gasoline, running on the road and in the city.

Check the average expected so far for this release:

Engine 1.0 flex

  • Consumption in the city supplied with alcohol: 9.1 km / l;
  • Consumption on the road fueled with alcohol: 10.6 km / l;
  • Consumption in the city supplied with gasoline: 13.2 km / l;
  • Consumption on the road fueled with gasoline: 15.2 km / l.

Engine 1.3 flex

  • Consumption in the city supplied with alcohol: 9.3 km / l;
  • Consumption on the road supplied with alcohol: 11 km / l;
  • Consumption in the city supplied with gasoline: 13 km / l;
  • Consumption on the road fueled with gasoline: 15 km / l.

Price of the Fiat Uno 2023

The Fiat Uno 2023 will have its price adjusted, but until this new value is disclosed, check the current price of the model:

  • Fiat Uno Attractive 1.0: $ 11330;
  • Fiat Uno Way 1.0: $ 11600;
  • Fiat Uno Way 1.3: $ 12900;
  • Fiat Uno Sporting 1.3 Flex: $ 13350;
  • Fiat Uno Way 1.3 Dualogic: $ 14100;
  • Fiat Uno Sporting 1.3 Dualogic: $ 14550.

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