New Toyota Mirai FCV 2023: Prices, Photos, Specs, Design, Power reserve

New Toyota Mirai FCV 2023 – hydrogen hybrid car from the Japanese manufacturer, which was presented at the exhibition in Tokyo in 2013, and launched on the market in the US and Europe in 2015.

New Toyota Mirai FCV 2023

The eco-car New Toyota Mirai FCV 2023 does not produce harmful emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere, instead of carbon monoxide from the exhaust pipe comes water vapor, which is converted into water.

Specifications of Toyota Mirai FCV

The New Toyota Mirai FCV 2023 is driven by a combination of a 114 kW hybrid installation on FC stack hydrogen fuel cells, a 113 kW (154 hp) synchronous AC electric motor with 335 N torque and a secondary nickel metal hydride battery with a capacity of 21 kW • h.

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Hydrogen is pumped through special openings into 2 tanks or a balloon for storing hydrogen at a pressure of 7 MPa, which are located under the bottom of the car. One tank with a capacity of 60.0 liters is located in front of the car, and the second cylinder with a capacity of 62.4 liters – at the back. FCV front air intakes supply outside air to a fuel cell battery, where hydrogen is also transferred from tanks to convert to electric current. The reaction takes place without a burning process. The maximum efficiency of converting hydrogen into electric current is 83%. Note that the combination of hydrogen with oxygen forms water, which is discharged as exhaust gases through a hole on the bottom of the sedan to the roadway.

The electric current produced by the fuel cells passes through a step-up converter in an electric motor, in which direct current is converted to alternating current, and the voltage increases to 650V. The motor works as a generator when braking, generating energy in the secondary battery, in which energy is also saved from regenerative braking.

2 full cylinders of hydrogen allow the sedan to drive 650 km. The time of full filling of two cylinders is 3 minutes. The average hydrogen consumption per 1.61 km is 100 ml. The car can also be charged from the home network using a charger offered as an option. The maximum speed of 175 km / h (electronically limited). Acceleration of the Toyota Mirai from 0 to 100 km / h in 9 seconds.

Safety New Toyota Mirai FCV 2023

Toyota takes care of the safety of the driver and passengers, so the Mirai is equipped with 9 Advanced Airbag System airbags around the entire perimeter of the vehicle, as well as the Star safety system, which is a set of systems for braking, stability and traction control. The set of security systems includes parking sensors, adaptive-cruise control, keyless entry, rear-view camera, Pre-collision system with emergency braking function, preventing collision with leading vehicles, improved stability management of the E-VSC, traction control TRAC, 4- ABS wheel anti-lock braking system, EBD electronic brake-force distribution, Brake Assist, Hill Start Assist, Smart Stop (SST) technology, warning system for crossing axial and lateral lines Lane Departure Alert System, monitoring objects in the blind zones Blind Spot Monitor and the system of speed control Drive-start Control limits.

To prevent hydrogen from entering mechanisms outside the tank, the system automatically shuts off the hydrogen outlet valve of the cylinders. All hydrogen related parts are located outside the cabin to eliminate the risk of fire in the cabin.

New Toyota Mirai FCV 2023 has a unique frame. In the event of a collision, the impact force is distributed around the passenger cabin and fuel tanks, reducing body deformation and helping to reduce the likelihood of passengers getting injured. The foldable steering column also helps protect the driver by absorbing power during the stroke.

Interior and exterior design Mirai FCV 2023

The body of the Japanese sedan is pleasantly impressive with its graceful lines and protrusions on the stern, the original roofline, the curved shape of the bonnet and several aggressive rear and front parts of the hull.

The front part of the body New Toyota Mirai FCV 2023 is equipped with narrow headlights, behind the glasses of each of which are placed four LED LED lights (low and high beam), a huge streamlined bumper with a classic horizontal air intake in the form of a grille, a pair of huge vertical air ducts with LED panels with daytime running, fog lights and direction indicators. Large air intakes provide the oxygen supply required for operation and cooling of the FC stack hydrogen unit.

New Toyota Mirai FCV 2023 is a pretty big car, because it has hydrogen tanks and a battery under the bottom. Sedan in length is 4890 mm, in width – 1815 mm, in height – 1535 mm, wheelbase – 2780 mm. Car weight – 1850 kg.

The interior of a 4-seater Japanese sedan will not leave anyone indifferent. The sedan has a leather-plastic spacious interior with 8-position adjustable driver and passenger seats, a multifunctional steering wheel of a compact size, an electronic multifunctional control panel, which is responsible for setting the two-zone climate control, heating the steering wheel and all seats. The highlight of the interior of the cabin are 2 4.2 and 9 inch color touch screens, which are responsible for security systems, monitoring the condition of the car, maps, navigation, multimedia, telephone, rear view camera, music, voice control and other systems.

Photos New Honda Clarity FCV 2023

New Toyota Mirai FCV 2023

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