New Toyota Corolla 2023 : Price, Technical sheet, Consumption and Versions (PCR)

Considered one of the most famous automotive sedans, the new Toyota Corolla 2023 has everything to be the most efficient of the line. No wonder that not only in US this is the best selling car in history. And, to know better all the news of the new Toyota Corolla 2023 accompany this article!

New Toyota Corolla 2023

The Corolla is a vehicle that has a legion of fans around the world, and those in love with the imposing style and presence of the car will be impressed by the changes that the Japanese dealership is preparing. The new Corolla 2023 will come crashing head-on with the competition.

Features of the New Toyota Corolla 2023

The goal is to bring deeper features to the design of the new corolla, leaving aside the old nickname of ‘car of uncle.’

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Some sources believe that the car’s handling is optimized, improving cornering performance and making it a good fit for travel or daily use. For this the most visible changes should happen in:

Exterior of Corolla 2023:

  • More sportive front;
  • Rear aerofoil in XRS version;
  • Large creases and LEDs on the bumper;
  • Mirrors fixed to the doors and not to the columns;
  • Black band connecting the doors to the front optical assembly;
  • LED taillights;
  • Bulk rear and exhaust with two chrome outputs;
  • Sport details on wheels and front.

Toyota Corolla 2023

Inside the Corolla 2023:

  • Leather and soft materials in the finishing;
  • New steering wheel that dispenses the autopilot lever, incorporating the device;
  • Analog-digital instrument cluster;
  • Multimedia Toyota Play updated.

Versions of the new Toyota Corolla 2023

There is some speculation about the launch versions of cars 2023, especially on the new Corolla 2023. A Chinese magazine has released information regarding the engine and models of the vehicle. Taking as a highlight the hybrid version of the new Toyota Corolla 2023.

  • 1.5 Turbo;
  • 1.5 diesel version for Europe;
  • 1.8 Dual VVT-i GLi (Flex) – manual gearbox;
  • 1.8 Dual VVT GLi Multi-Drive (Flex) – automatic gearbox;
  • 1.8 GLi Upper Multi-Drive (Flex) – automatic gearbox;
  • 2.0 Altis Multi-Drive S (Flex) – automatic gearbox;
  • 2.0 XEi Multi-Drive S (Flex) – automatic gearbox;
  • 2.0 XRS Multi-Drive S (Flex) – automatic gearbox.

Consumption New Toyota Corolla 2023

The consumption item weighs heavily when choosing the new vehicle, the consumer always expects manufacturers to improve this aspect, especially in US, where the fuel value is very unstable. The average is that the consumption of the new Corolla 2023 is this:

  • Engine 1.8 – 8.0 km / l with alcohol;
  • Engine 1.8 – 11.7 Km / l with gasoline;
  • Motor 2.0 – 7.8 Km / l with alcohol;
  • Engine 2.0 – 11.4 Km / l with gasoline.

New Toyota Corolla 2023 datasheet

Some technical points need to be well observed when buying your car. Are you curious to know which data sheet of the Toyota Corolla 2023 ? Look there, the information of the most top version of the line.

Technical Details Toyota Corolla 2023/2023 – Altis 2.0

  • Engine: 2.0;
  • Doors: 4 Doors;
  • Transmission: Multidrive with seven gears, paddle shift and sport mode selector knob;
  • Power: 153.6 hp (e) – 5,800 rpm;
  • Torque: 20.7 kgfm (e) / 4,800 rpm;
  • Front Brakes: 10.9 “Ventilated Disc (ABS, EBD and BAS);
  • Rear Brakes: 10.6 “Solid Disc (ABS, EBD and BAS);
  • Length: 4.620 mm;
  • Width: 2,047 mm to 2,057 mm2;
  • Height: 1,485 mm;
  • Wheelbase: 2,700 mm;
  • Weight: 1,340 kg;
  • Handle: 470 l .;
  • Direction: EPS (Progressive Electro assisted);
  • Tires: 215/50 R17;
  • Fuel tank: 60 l.

Price of the New Toyota Corolla 2023

It is not yet known when the new version of Corolla will be available in the US market, so far few official appearances have been released. The value of Corolla 2023 should follow the line of the old versions, so, prices will be around:

  • Corolla 1.8 Dual VVT-i GLi (Flex) – $ 18780 ;
  • Corolla 1.8 Dual VVT GLi Multi-Drive (Flex) – $ 18870 ;
  • Corolla 1.8 GLi Upper Multi-Drive (Flex) – $ 24520 ;
  • Corolla 2.0 Altis Multi-Drive S (Flex) – $ 31000 ;
  • Corolla 2.0 XEi Multi-Drive S (Flex) – $ 26950 ;
  • Corolla 2.0 XRS Multi-Drive S (Flex) – $ 29380 .

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