New Toyota Corolla 2023: price, photos, consumption and specifications

Classic classics. This is the definition of the new Toyota Corolla 2023 . Since the first generation, the new Toyota Corolla 2023 has been the goose that lays the golden eggs and the reason is simple: it is a reliable car. With executive appeal, the compact classic surprises using the new GA-C platform, the same as the Prius and C-HR.

Toyota Corolla 2023

The new Corolla platform is more resistant to torsion and has contributed to the reduction in weight of the sedan, due to the reduction in the thickness of the panels, roof and doors of the vehicle. In addition, New Toyota has bet on McPherson and the multi-link suspension, front and rear respectively.

The steering of the new Corolla has been optimized and the standard elements delivered with the compact include: the speed controller, the braking control, the lane departure warning, the automatic light illumination and the recognition of traffic signs .

New Toyota Corolla 2023

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One of the most striking new features, however, is the launch of the hybrid version of the model, which we’ll look at below.

Articles from the Corolla series

The internal design of the New Toyota Corolla 2023 has been improved, obtaining premium materials in the finish, such as plastics in the classic console and dashboard areas. Seat comfort is nothing new, after all, the sedan has always been a leader in comfort among the cars in the segment.

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Check the standard items of the vehicle:

  • Shark fin antenna;
  • Apply chrome to the bumper;
  • Apply to the mirror;
  • Trunk tray;
  • Fog light kit;
  • Sporty light on the ground;
  • Chrome door handle;
  • Projector on the windshield;
  • Bumper protector;
  • Windscreen sunscreen;
  • Long distance network;
  • 2din radio with CD player and Bluetooth;
  • Parking sensor;
  • Thresholds;
  • Subwoofer;
  • Steppe security lock;
  • 8-inch touch multimedia center.

Another positive of the New Toyota Corolla 2023 is that the dashboard is lower than the previous version, which offers better visibility to the driver.

Toyota Corolla

In exchange, the levers have positions P, R, N, D and B and the New Toyota Corolla 2023 has 3 driving mode selectors: Normal, Eco and Sport. There is also the possibility of running the car only on electricity.

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Consult the complete technical sheet for the new Corolla line :

  • Motor: 1.8
  • Front, transverse, 4 cyl. online, 16V, petrol; 53 kW electric motor
  • Power (CV) 144139
  • Torque (kgf.m) 18.6 18
  • Fuel Alcohol Gasoline
  • Electric steering
  • Front-wheel Drive
  • Exchange: CVT with manual mode
  • Weight (Kg): 1.295
  • Tank (L): 60
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2700
  • Height (mm): 1,475
  • Width (mm): 1,775
  • Length (mm): 4,620
  • Trunk (L): 470
  • Occupants: 5
  • Front suspension: McPherson and front with stabilizer bar
  • Wheel: independent type and coil springs.
  • Brakes: four disc brakes with two ventilated discs.

The New Toyota Corolla 2023 also launches the hybrid system, with a power of 180 hp and an engine of 2.0 liters.

Corolla 2023 consumption

The Corolla Hybrid starts with the electric motor and does not start the petrol engine until the battery has run out. In the gasoline and ethanol engine, the new Corolla:

  • Fuel consumption in the city (km / l): 7.8
  • Alcohol consumption in the city (km / l): 11.4
  • Road fuel consumption (km / l): 9.2
  • Alcohol consumption on the road (km / l): 13.2

Toyota Corolla 2023 Price

In Europe, the entry-level price of the New Toyota Corolla Hybrid is 21,750 euros. In USA.

Updates for this model, if applicable, will be available on the website. Watch an exclusive sedan video and see more photos of the New Toyota Corolla 2023.

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