New Toro 2023: photos, prices, restyling and new technical file

The new Italian giant Toro 2023 has promised and carried out restyling with aesthetic innovations. Present in the automotive market since 2016, one of the biggest leaders in pick-up is gaining new contours. In other words, the new Toro 2023 gains a robust look and arrives effectively on the market the same year, already as a 2023 line.

New Toro 2023

The new Toro 2023 has earned the nickname of 2260 MCA (Middle Cycle Action). The changes are enough to keep Toro up to date with the competition, but even if they weren’t radical changes.

One of the expectations for the 2023 model is that the design of the bumpers will be redesigned. First of all, the grille is completely redesigned, the bumpers have gained larger air intakes, the daytime running lights have taken on larger shapes and headlights with a new internal arrangement of the elements.

The cabin has undergone minor changes, with new graphics and coatings with new standards. But the big news is for the multimedia center with a larger screen, designed to replace the standard 5.5-inch multimedia center.

New Toro 2023

Main competitors for the new Toro 2023:

Standard items of the New Fiat Toro 2023

The list of items for the new Toro includes wheels with a new coloring, calipers, chrome santonium, a removable tow hook, mirrors and plates referring to the version. Inside, the seats are in brown leather and the same shade on the parts of the panel and on the doors.

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In addition to the roof and dark columns, discover the main standard items of the New Fiat Toro 2023 .

  • Two-zone digital air conditioning,
  • Electric steering,
  • Steering wheel with height adjustment,
  • Dashboard with 7-inch central LCD screen,
  • facial button with remote start and
  • headlights with cornering lights and DRL on LEDs.

When there is more information regarding the new Toro 2023 series items, we will update on the website.

New Toro 2023 data sheet

The new line of Toro pickups will not have many changes from the engine. But there is something new: the 5-speed manual transmission option for the input thruster. See more options from the datasheet below:

  • Engine: 1.8 and 2.4 Flex / 2.0 turbodiesel of 170 hp with petrol and 186 hp with alcohol.
  • 170 hp 2.0 diesel engine;
  • 4 × 2 traction (flexible engine) or 4 × 4 (diesel engine);
  • Length (mm) – 4915;
  • Height (mm) – 1680;
  • Width (mm) – 1844;
  • Between the axles (mm) – 2990;
  • Fuel tank capacity – 60 liters.
  • Weight (kg) – 1619;

In the high-end version, the base is a Volcano 2.0 diesel of 170 hp, but its elements justify its price, as we will see below. For now, let’s look at the average consumption of the new Toro 2023 .

Consumption New Fiat Toro 2023

INMETRO is the body responsible for the consumption tests of the new Toro 2023 . These data have not yet been published, here is the average of the truck:

  • Flexible motor 1.8

5.8 km / l with alcohol and 7.4 km / l with petrol in the city;

8.3 km / l with alcohol and 10.5 km / l with petrol on the road.

  • 2.0 diesel engine

9.4 km / l with diesel in the city;

12.9 km / l with diesel on the road.

As soon as INMETRO publishes the results, we will update it here on the page.

Price of the new Toro 2023

Upon launch, there will be an adjustment to the current value of the New Fiat Toro , but this new value has not yet been announced. Check out the current pickup values ​​and versions for now:

  • Toro Freedom: $ 19,200;
  • Toro Freedom Opening Edition: $ 19,500;
  • Toro Volcano: $ 28,000.

Likely price for next version: $ 34,500$ 1,600 above the most expensive version to date.

Check out more photos of the new model of the new Toro 2023 below :

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