New Saveiro 2023 : Price, Pictures, Specs and Consumables

The new Saveiro 2023 are being awaited by many users who want the improvements that the model will present in this release, and so you know what Volkswagen is preparing for this release follow the next post with more information from Saveiro 2023 .

New Saveiro 2023

The news of the new Saveiro 2023 can be noticed in its dimensions, visual and technologies, as the model is expected with new items of series and dimensions closer to those of its rivals Renault Duster and Fiat Toro.

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Features of Saveiro 2023

Let’s start by talking about the look of the new Saveiro 2023 that for this launch brings refurbished headlights, a new front grille and deeper side lines to offer a more adventurous style.

New Saveiro 2023

Inside we can find more internal space because Volkswagen works to increase the dimensions of the model in order to make the truck more competitive in the market, since one among its direct competitors is Fiat Toro that has ample internal space.

Items of the new Saveiro 2023

Inside new series items can be included for this launch, so the new Saveiro will have technologies such as:

  • Progressive electrical direction;
  • Curtain side airbags;
  • Star sport system;
  • Parking Sensor;
  • Sunroof;
  • 6.2 “touch screen;
  • Digital TV;
  • GPS;
  • Bluetooth;
  • Built-in reverse camera;
  • AM / FM radio, DVD and CD player;
  • USB port.

Technical sheet of the new Saveiro 2023

With the planned changes a new technical file will be released, but as it has not yet been announced by the automaker, check out some of the information already expected:

  • Engine 1.6 8V of 101 hp with gasoline and 104 hp with alcohol associated to the manual gearbox of five gears;
  • Engine 1.6 16V of 110 hp with gasoline and 120 hp with alcohol associated to the manual gearbox of five gears;
  • Length: 4,493;
  • Width: 1,893;
  • Height: 1,497;
  • Between-axes (mm): 2752;
  • Weight (kg): 1025 (single cabin), 1120 (extended cabin) and 1120 (double cabin);
  • Fuel tank capacity: 55 liters;
  • Payload: Single cab: 702 – Extended cab 680;
  • Load capacity (liters): Single cabin 934 – Cabin extended: 734.

Consumption of Saveiro 2023

Saveiro 2023 consumption tests are carried out by INMETRO in order to obtain the performance of the truck both in the city and on the road.

Here’s the average we expect for this release:

Engine 1.6 8V fueled with Gasoline

  • Average of 10.7 km / liters in the city;
  • Average of 11.5 km / liters on the road.

1.6 8V Motor fueled with Ethanol

  • Average 7.3 km / liters in the city;
  • Average of 8.3 km / liters on the road.

Price of the new Saveiro

A readjusted price will be announced with the new Saveiro 2023 , but while we wait for the release of this new value check the price of the current Saveiro:

  • Saveiro Working 1.4 Flex: from $ 12600
  • Saveiro Working 1.4 Fire (Flex): from $ 13150
  • Saveiro Hard Working 1.4 Fire (Flex): from $ 52,800.00
  • Saveiro Hard Working 1.4 Fire (Flex Extended Cab): from $ 15370
  • Saveiro Hard Working 1.4 Fire (Flex – Double Cab): from $ 17300
  • Saveiro Adventure 1.8 E.torQ (Flex – Cab Extended): from $ 17850
  • Saveiro Adventure 1.8 E.torQ (Flex – Double Cab): from $ 19700
  • Saveiro Adventure 1.8 E.torQ Dualogic (Flex – Double Cab): from $ 20900

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