New Saveiro 2023: Price, photos, consumption and technical data

The new Saveiro 2023 has model and year updates and the van has received unpublished articles. With six version configurations, the new Saveiro 2023 has received new designs for hubcaps and seat covers in different colors such as brown. The van has many conceptual references from T-Roc and T-Cross Breeze.

Saveiro 2023 news

With the Amarok style, the new Saveiro 2023 is well equipped and departs a little from the versions that looked like the Gol range. Despite new features in the 2023 model , the engine remains with a previous power of 1.6 8v of 104 hp.

The new dimensions of Saveiro 2023 have also gained more interior space and redesigned the grille and headlights.

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An interesting curiosity about the name of the car: the inspiration came from a ship that the Indians used to load everything a little in the past. This name is perfect for the spacious Saveiro 2023.

New Saveiro 2023

New main competitors of Saveiro :

Articles from the Saveiro 2023 series

The launch of Saveiro follows modernity, with a current Discover Media infotainment system. This system has a high definition race screen, as well as integrated navigation. In addition, the new Saveiro has App-Connect technology, which connects to smartphones.

For the new Saveiro 2023 model, the items below are the main pickup:

  • Double airbags
  • Face button
  • The air conditioning
  • Steering wheel with sound control
  • Board computer
  • CD / mp3 player
  • Leather benches
  • Parking sensor
  • ABS brake
  • Tilt-Down function
  • Park pilot
  • Disc brake
  • HHC module that keeps the car on the slopes
  • Fog lights
  • Mobile phone holder
  • 15-inch alloy wheels

Compared to the interior of the new Saveiro 2023 , the model gains options for a four-speaker system with two tweesters, in addition to a “Composition Touch” multimedia center.

Saveiro 2023 data sheet

As mentioned earlier, the new Saveiro 2023 will keep the engine on the same line as the previous one. The Robust and Pepper versions of the new Saveiro pickup will receive the following engine components:

  • Motor: 1.6 8 V / 101 hp with petrol / 104 hp with alcohol and 5-speed gearbox;
  • 1.6 16V / 110hp engine with petrol / 120hp with alcohol and 5-speed manual transmission;
  • Width: 1.893;
  • Length: 4,493;
  • Height: 1.497;
  • Weight (kg): 1025 (single cabin), 1120 (extended cabin) and 1120 (double cabin);
  • Fuel tank: 55 liters;
  • Load capacity in liters: Extended cab: 734 / Single cab: 934.
  • Payload: extended cab: 680 / single cab: 702;
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2752;
  • Transmission type: manual / 06 speed

Although there is not yet an automatic or automated version of the new Saveiro , news is expected soon, according to Volks himself.

Saveiro consumption 2023

INMETRO is the body responsible for the consumption test charts used in 2023 cars . The following consumption information is awaited for the collection of the Saveiro 2023 :

  • New Saveiro Gasolina (1.6 engine)

In the city: 10.7 km / liters

In town: 11.5 km / liters

  • Nova Saveiro ethanol (1.6 engine)

In the city: 7.3 km / liters

On the road: 8.3 km / liters

Saveiro 2023 price

The prices of the new Saveiro 2023 have not yet been published. But it should be remembered that New Volkswagen is considered one of the most popular brands on the market. Therefore, their prices can be compared to the values ​​of previous versions.

For the Volks versions of the new Saveiro 2023 , the prices expected according to the previous tables are:

  • Saveiro Cross double cabin: $ 18,000
  • Saveiro Trendline Simple Cabin: $ 14000
  • Saveiro Pepper Extended Cabin: $ 16,000
  • Save a sturdy double cabin: $ 14,100

Check out more photos of the Saveiro launch, remembering that if there is more information on the model, we will update it here on the site:

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