New Renault Sandero 2023: changes, photos, prices and technical data

The new Renault Sandero 2023 would have a major facelift. However, according to street reports, there won’t be many changes in the look of the Renault Sandero 2023 . Do you want to know what will change? Check out the following report! The Paraná hatch has been sold in USA since July 2014 and promises a price reduction in the category.

Renault Sandero news

One of the novelties of the launch of New Renault Sandero is the hub with Apple Car Play and Android Auto, which the owner can even install Whats app. In addition to the application, the interface can connect with the SIRI assistant and Spotify, Deezer, Googgle Maps and Waze.

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As for the exterior of the car, the changes are not significant, since New Renault promises to launch a second line by the end of 2023. For the moment, the most tangible changes are related to utility technology and possibly CVT type automatic transmission.

New Renault Sandero 2023

Sandero 2023’s main competitors:

In addition to technology, the new New Renault Sandero 2023 will also have touches on the rear lights, with an extension in sizes and shape and a new design at the front.

Articles from the Sandero 2023 series

The New Renault Sandero was considered a low-cost car in USA and in countries where the brand was established, such as Colombia, Romania, Morocco, Iran, Russia, South Africa and Algeria . In the UK, it is considered the cheapest on the market.

Discover some standard items that New Renault makes available for this 2023 model :

  • Passenger airbag
  • Driver airbag
  • Driver seat belt alert
  • ABS brakes
  • Isofix
  • CAR system
  • 1/1 folding rear seat
  • Electric locks
  • The air conditioning
  • Satellite steering wheel
  • Luggage compartment lighting
  • Height-adjustable steering wheel
  • Gear change indicator
  • Front windows with one-touch function and anti-crushing system
  • Electro-hydraulic steering
  • Rear window cleaner
  • Electric front windows
  • Rear window defroster
  • The light stays on the panel
  • ESM – energy regeneration system
  • Board computer

On USA soil, the Sandero is the best-selling car of New Renault and in 2023 it was considered the best-selling car in the country.

Renault Sandero 2023 specifications

For the New Renault Sandero , the CMF A + platform is expected, which means that the utility shares the costs with New Nissan Versa and March. If this happens, the utility will lose up to 100 kg, improving its performance and resistance.

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Consult the complete technical sheet of the compact New Renault Sandero :

  • Fuel: Flex (petrol or ethanol)
  • Torque ([protected by e-mail]): 10.2 kgfm (gasoline) at 3,500 rpm / 10.5 kgfm (ethanol) at 3,500 rpm
  • Traction type: front
  • Power (hp): 79 hp (petrol) at 6,300 rpm / 82 hp (ethanol) at 6,300 rpm
  • Number of gears: 5
  • Transmission Type: 5 speed
  • Number of valves: 12
  • Maximum power ([protected by e-mail]): 82 hp (ethanol) at 6,300 rpm
  • Exterior height: 1,536
  • External length: 4,060 mm
  • Exterior width – excluding mirrors: New Sandero: 1733 mm / New Stepway: 1761 mm
  • Wheelbase 2,590 mm
  • Boot capacity: 320
  • Number of doors: 5 doors
  • Body type: Hatch

Consumption of the new Sandero

The New Renault Sandero 2023 is considered an economical car. Check the average ratio of the compact in the following list:

  • Motor 1.0

Ethanol (between city and road) – 8.6 km / l

Petrol (between city and road) – 12.5 km / l

  • 1.6 engine

Ethanol (between city and road) – 7.8 km / l

Petrol (between city and road) – 11.4 km / l

Renault Sandero 2023 price

Prices for the New Renault Sandero 2023 start at $ 10,000. Its high-end version reaches $ 14,500.

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