New Renault Captur 2023: price, photos, versions and visual

Faced with the new emerging automotive market, Renault is investing heavily in its next major launch, the new Renault Captur 2023 . This new model will bring even more sophistication to the Renault Captur 2023 already recognized by the public for its comfort and comfort. safety, being the automaker’s new proposition, makes this car truly complete with the best standard items!

In addition to its innovative look, New Renault Captur 2023 has a system of articles which is already considered to be of sufficient quality, but not satisfied, the manufacturer has decided to bring for this new year 2023, a renewed Captur, with new items and improvements in some of your rooms.

Discover the new Renault Captur 2023

A large part of the investment made by the car manufacturer new Renault is that its vehicles are becoming more and more technological and aesthetic.

New Renault Captur 2023

Thus, the new New Renault Captur 2023 model will bring a new look, making the car bolder and with more interior space than before.

➤ Discover some 2023 versions:

In addition to the new items, the aesthetic part of the car will gain even more colors, thus adding more options for the consumer at the time of purchase, thus giving greater variability within the models of the new Captur.

New items in the Captur series

As indicated, a large part of the investments made by the car manufacturer in its new models is in the technological part of its 2023 cars , since the objective of New Renault is to make its vehicles as autonomous as possible.

Thus, the New Renault Captur 2023 will gain several new high-end items to add to its systems.

See below what they are:

  • Electric locks;
  • Air conditioner;
  • On-board computer with six functions;
  • Sound preparation with 4 speakers and antenna;
  • Rear seats with folding backrest and seat;
  • Card key;
  • Electric exterior mirrors with integrated arrow repeaters;
  • Electro-hydraulic steering;
  • Automatic pilot;
  • Eco Mode function;
  • Driver’s seat and steering wheel with height adjustment;
  • Electric windows front and rear;
  • Digital panel with Eco Monitoring.

New Renault plans to leave its new model at least on an equal footing with its competitors such as:

Renault Captur consumption

Among the updates made to the New Renault Captur 2023 , consumption is undoubtedly the big plus of this new model, because its economy on the road has greatly improved since its last launch.

See below:

Urban environment:

  • New Renault Captur 2.0 AT – 6.2 km / L with ethanol and 8.8 km / L with petrol;
  • New Renault Captur 1.6 CVT – 7.3 km / L with ethanol and 10.5 km / L with petrol;
  • New Renault Captur 1.6 MT – 7.6 km / L with ethanol and 10.9 km / L with petrol.

Rural area:

  • New Renault Captur 2.0 AT – 7.3 km / L with ethanol and 10.8 km / L with petrol;
  • New Renault Captur 1.6 CVT – 8.1 km / L with ethanol and 11.7 km / L with petrol;
  • New Renault Captur 1.6 MT – 8.0 km / L with ethanol and 11.3 km / L with petrol.

Thus, the new Captur 2023 will eventually become one of the vehicles with the best fuel consumption levels during car launches in 2023.

Technical sheet Captur

Despite having one of the best designs on the market today and good fuel consumption, the data sheet is still necessary for the consumer to determine if the New Renault Captur 2023 is really worth it.

Please see below the complete technical sheet for the new New Renault Captur model:

  • Motor: 1.6 SCe and 2.0 Flex;
  • Tank (50 liters);
  • Safe (437 liters);
  • Direction: ventilated disc / drum;
  • Suspension: McPherson, independent with stabilizer bar;
  • Transmission: 5-speed manual or CVT and 4-speed automatic;
  • Wheelbase (2673 mm);
  • Total length (4,329 mm);
  • Width without mirrors (1,813 mm);
  • Height (1,619 mm);
  • Number of valves: 16.

Price of Renault Captur 2023 versions

The new New Renault Captur 2023 will be launched in 4 different types of versions of its original model, the value between each version does not vary much, giving greater flexibility at the time of purchase so that the consumer chooses which version , benefits him the most.

Check below the value of each new version:

  • Renault Captur Intense 1.6 CVT: $ 21,000;
  • Renault Captur Intense 2.0 AT: $ 22,500;
  • Renault Captur Zen 1.6 MT: $ 19,000;
  • Renault Captur Zen 1.6 CVT: $ 20,000.

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