New Palio 2021: price, technical data and news

It’s no secret that after nearly 22 years of uninterrupted production, new Palio 2021 has officially taken off in USA. However, there are rumors that the  will come back into circulation from this year. Want to know a little more about the new Palio 2021?

So follow the article below and find out more about this model and what are the biggest speculations of the new Palio .

News new Palio 2021

Since its launch in 1996, the model has been the sales leader in the category and has competed with Gol in a close fight. Palio has surpassed the 3 million unit mark for over 22 years.

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The wait for the new 2021 car is linked to external improvements. In the visual, a more advanced design is expected, with new lanterns and a design with bolder lines, since Palio had not received any new updates for some time. The car will also have a new engine and new dimensions.

New Palio 2021

As for the colors, they should vary between: White Banchisa, Black Vulcan, Alpine Red, Silver Bari and Black Vesuvius.

Main competitors of the new Pallium :

New items from the Canary 2021 series

The new Palio 2021 line offers well-packaged serial items. Only in the basic version, elements such as:

  • Bumper,
  • Environmentally friendly tires,
  • Stop light,
  • Hydraulic steering,
  • Internal control of the boot and fuel tank opening,
  • Vehicle-colored door mirrors and door handles,
  • Timed defroster,
  • Rear window washer cleaner.

See the full list of items expected for the model:

  • Air conditioner;
  • Rear view with Tilt Down system;
  • Acceleration control;
  • Travel computer;
  • Double airbag;
  • Fog lights;
  • Radio;
  • USB input;
  • Electric windows and locks;
  • Steering wheel with radio buttons.
  • Stop light system;

And the engine of the new Palio 2021 ? Should we expect major changes? We do not know yet. For now, follow the speculation on the model on the subject below and as soon as this information is published we will inform you here on the site.

Technical sheet new Palio 2021

Since Palio has been a sales champion for many consecutive years, it is possible that the marketing champion may come up with new exclusive items related to its engine. For now, see what is expected from the new Palio 2021 :

  • 1.0 3-cylinder engine – Firefly;
  • 1.3 4-cylinder engine – Firefly;
  • Engine 1.8 – E-TorQ.
  • Vehicle width: 1670 mm;
  • Vehicle height: 1504 mm;
  • Height from the ground: 147 mm.
  • Manual and automatic gearbox – 5 and 6 speed;
  • Fuel tank: 48 liters;
  • Star & Stop system;
  • Starting capacity: 280 liters;
  • Vehicle length: 3875 mm;
  • Between axes: 2420 mm;

In addition to the Palio, another bet of the brand that came out of the line in 2018 was the Punto, which was also a darling of lovers of New Fiat. However, the expected novelty is a completely new and redesigned line for the new Palio 2021 .

Palio 2021 consumption

One of the things that drew the most attention at the Palio during all the years of sales and placed the car in the bestseller category was consumption. As one of the most economical cars, the list of what we can expect from the Palio 2021 version is:

  • Motor 1.0

City – 7.5 km / liter with ethanol and 10 km / liter with petrol;

Road – 10 km / liter with ethanol and 13 km / liter with petrol.

  • 1.6 engine

City – 6.9 km / liter with ethanol and 9.5 km / liter with gasoline;

Road – 8.8 km / liter with ethanol and 13 km / liter with petrol;

New Palio 2021 price

Prices for the new Palio will still be announced, but we can expect good cost-benefit based on the table from the latest Palio launch model:

  • Gasoline 1.6 16v Flex: $ 12,600;
  • Sporting 1.6 16v Flex: $ 13,200.
  • Attractive 1.0 Evo Flex: $ 10,500;
  • Attractive 1.4 Evo Flex: $ 11,000;

While we wait for more information on the price new Palio 2021 , check out some more photos of the utility:

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