New Onix 2021: price, photos, engine and technical data

This is the first time in the history of the hatch that the new new Onix 2021 has won so many changes. Although it is circulating in the greatest secrecy, some news is already awaited and we already know that the new Onix 2021 will use the unprecedented modular GEM platform.

To move away from the current model, the new Onix 2021 will receive a family name: Plus. Find out all about the launch in the following article.

Onix 2021

Onix Plus will have its platform developed on the modular GEM, which was designed in partnership with SAIC, a Chinese brand. This platform makes its debut in USA with models of three-cylinder turbo engines.

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The Onix Plus launch model will be released in stores in July 2021 and will offer high-end LT, LS and Premier versions. In addition to the versions already mentioned, the hatch also has a new RS sport version.

New Onix 2021

As for the design, the model is larger than the traditional model, mainly between the axles. Main competitors of this launch:

Articles from the Onix 2021 series

The New Chevrolet hatch follows the well-known line of the brand, rented on the French car market. The more accessories (and look at what Onix has to spare), the more expensive the launch version is.

Despite the news regarding the design and standard items, there have been no mechanical changes from its previous model. Among the new features, the new 2021 car leaves the factory with a headrest and Isofix, in addition to the three-point belt for all occupants. Follow some of the key features of the launch:

  • Double airbag
  • The air conditioning
  • Brake light
  • Height-adjustable front seat belts
  • 3-point rear side seat belts
  • Audible warning for driver’s seat belt
  • ABS braking system
  • Air controls with chrome accents
  • “Jet Black” color dashboard
  • Electric windshield washer and washer
  • Front ventilated disc brakes and rear drum
  • Engine immobilizer system
  • Central panel with “Dark Ash Gray” paint
  • Bumpers painted in vehicle color
  • 14 ′ steel rim with integrated wheel covers
  • Rear spoiler
  • Blinds – driver and passenger with mirror
  • Hydraulic steering
  • Dashboard with tachometer, speedometer with digital display, partial odometer and oil level marker.
  • Storage compartments on the front doors with bottle holder
  • Electric time delay rear window defroster
  • Dashboard lighting dimmer
  • 12V power outlet

The new Onix 2021 is available in white, black, red, gray and silver.

New Onix 2021 data sheet

The New Chevrolet Onix has a range of up to 826 kilometers with a 1.0 liter fuel tank. In version 1.4, the range drops to 805 kilometers. See the full list of Plus engines.

  • Engine: transverse front type, petrol and ethanol
  • Valves: total 8 (SOHC)
  • Electronic fuel injection: MPFI
  • Gasoline: 78 hp (57.4 kW / 76.9 hp) 6,400 rpm / Ethanol: 80 hp (58.8 kW / 78.9 hp) 6,400 rpm
  • Maximum net torque (ABNT NBR 5484 / ISO 1585 SAE net or gross)
  • Maximum net power (ABNT NBR 5484 / ISO 1585 SAE net or gross)
  • Number of cylinders: 4 in line
  • Petrol: 9.5 mkgf (93 Nm) 5200 rpm / Ethanol: 9.8 mkgf (96 Nm) 5200 rpm
  • 6-speed manual transmission
  • Compression ratio: 12.6
  • Front: ventilated disc
  • Rear: drum
  • Progressive electric steering
  • Hydraulic system with double circuit distributed diagonally

New Onix 2021 consumption

The engine of the new Onix 2021 has n’t changed much, but it has become more economical. The New Chevrolet range is known for its excellent quality / price ratio and the new hatch is not far behind. Check your average consumption:

Consumption of Onix 1.0 with manual transmission:

  • Gasoline City: 12.5 km / l
  • Petrol route: 14.7 km / l
  • City ethanol: 8.5 km / l
  • Ethanol route: 10.3 km / l

Consumption of Onix 1.4 with manual transmission:

  • Gasoline city: 12.3 km / l
  • Petrol route: 14.5 km / l
  • City ethanol: 8.4 km / l
  • Ethanol route: 10.1 km / l

New Onix 2021 Price

The prices of New Chevrolet cars are competitive. Now consult the different versions of the New Chevrolet Onix 2021 and the suggested values ​​for the launch:

  • LT version 1.0: from: $ 10,900;
  • Version LT 1.4: From: $ 12,500;
  • ADVANTAGE version: Starting at: $ 12,800;
  • LTZ 1.4 version: Starting at: $ 14,000;
  • Effect version: Starting at: $ 13,300.

Any updates regarding the new Onix will be posted here on the page. Discover more photos of the model:

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