New Nissan Sentra 2023: price, photos, articles and specifications

The new Nissan Sentra 2023 is equipped with advanced safety shield technology, and a three-level shield ensures the safety of everyone inside the vehicle. In addition, the car offers a lot of comfort and values ​​the safety of its passengers and its driver. The Nissan Sentra 2023 has a new high-resolution dashboard with many functions available.

About the Nissan Sentra 2023

The New Nissan Sentra 2023 brings an I-Key smart key, thanks to this system, it is possible to start the car, trigger the alarm and other functions. With a modern and sophisticated design, the model attracts attention wherever it goes, as it has LED headlights contributing to its new look.

Called by the manufacturer “The new hero of the streets”, the vehicle has a complete surveillance system with:

  • Automatic headlight lighting – twilight sensor;
  • Rear view camera;
  • Monitoring of blind fields;
  • Rear cross traffic alert;
  • Head-on collision alert.

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In terms of security, there is no shortage:

  • ABS brakes;
  • Electronic brake control;
  • Brake assist;
  • Stability and traction control;
  • Rear parking sensor;
  • front and additional air bags.

Nissan Sentra colors

The automaker brings in this new vehicle several color options from the New Nissan Sentra , all so that its customers can choose the car of their style.

  • Grafit gray;
  • Malbec red;
  • White diamond;
  • Classic silver;
  • Premium black.

New Nissan Sentra 2023

Nissan Sentra 2023 specifications

Through the technical sheet Nissan Sentra 2023 you will know all the most important details of the model, it is through it that the quality of the vehicle can be observed. Knowing the motorization of the vehicle is very important, it is a great advantage when buying the 2023 car .


  • Engine: 2.0;
  • Accelerator: electronic
  • Number of cylinders: 4 in a row;
  • Cylinder in cm3: 1997;
  • Valves: 16;
  • Compression ratio: 9.7: 1;
  • Front-wheel Drive;
  • Electronic fuel injection: sequential multipoint;
  • Power (hp and rpm): 140 and 5100 – with petrol / 140 and 5100 – with ethanol;
  • Torque (kgfm and rpm): 20.0 and 4800 – with petrol / 20.0 and 4800 – with ethanol.

Dimensions and capacities

  • Length (mm): 4,635.9;
  • Width (mm): 1,761.4;
  • Height (mm): 1,504.2;
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2700;
  • Weight in running order (Kg): 1 337;
  • Fuel tank (L): 52;
  • Trunk (L): 503;
  • Front gauge (mm): 1,530;
  • Rear gauge (mm): 1,530;
  • Angle of attack: 13th;
  • Exit angle: 18.1º;
  • Ground clearance (mm): 186.3;
  • Occupants: 5.

Nissan Sentra Standard Articles

The standard elements of the New Nissan Sentra surprise with their quality and sophistication, and these details make all the difference in the vehicle. The car manufacturer has taken great care of the equipment of the vehicle, see the list of elements below:

  • Air conditioner;
  • Intelligent key face to face (I-Key);
  • Electronic ignition system (push button start);
  • Open the doors without using the key;
  • Steering wheel with leather trim;
  • On the steering wheel: audio and BluetoothTM control;
  • Board computer;
  • Double airbag;
  • Fog lights;
  • Parking sensor;
  • Intelligent headlight lighting;
  • Electrically adjustable exterior mirrors;
  • LED direction indicator;
  • 16 inch alloy wheels;
  • Chrome exterior and interior door handles;
  • Radio CD player – With auxiliary input for MP3 / iPod player;
  • USB and Bluetooth connector;
  • 4 speakers.

Average consumption of Sentra 2023

Many savings are expected for the average consumption of the New Nissan Sentra 2023 , because the car is equipped with advanced technology which makes it more economical. However, the brand has not yet revealed how much the car consumes, as it undergoes INMETRO tests.

Attention: As soon as new information is published, we will update!

Nissan Sentra 2023 Price

With a lot of quality and sophistication, the new vehicle surprises the market, New Nissan has taken care of every detail of the model.

But the brand still does not charge an excessive price for the car, believing that the public has a fair price. Find out the average price of the New Nissan Sentra 2023 :

  • The car is sold from: $ 18,000

See photos of the model and discover every detail of its new design!

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