New Nissan March 2023 : Prices, Photos, Tech Specs & Consumables

The new Nissan March 2023 is a sporty full of style that soon arrives in US offering modern items in its interior, greater performance and a motorization that offers the model even more power. Speculations about the new Nissan March 2023 are already circulating there, and for you to know more of these details follow the post we prepared for you.

The Nissan March 2023 is a model with a striking visual, obtained through its well-demarcated lines that bring to the sport a lot of personality as we can see better next!

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New Nissan March 2023

The Nissan March 2023 will present in this launch novelties that many admirers of the model already expect, among these novelties we have:

  • Multifunction steering wheel;
  • New 7-inch multimedia center;
  • Redesigned headlights;
  • New lines in the back.

Nissan March 2023

Colors of the new Nissan March

The Nissan March is a vehicle that offers 7 (seven) external color options, they are:

  • Black Premium;
  • White Aspen;
  • White Diamond;
  • Cinca Magnetic;
  • Pacific Blue;
  • Red Alert;
  • Classic Gray.

Nissan March 2023 items

The interior of the 2023 car is something that weighs heavily when choosing a model, so the Nissan March 2023 invested in technology and comfort for this launch, check out the items:

  • 5-speed manual gearbox;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Hot air;
  • Driver’s seat “Comfort Seat” with height adjustment;
  • On-board computer with instant consumption and clock functions;
  • Central console with 3 cup holders and cup holders;
  • Spin-gauge and speedometer with silver finish;
  • Rear window defroster with timer;
  • Progressive electrical direction;

  • Digital display of total and partial mileage;
  • Integrated 12V socket to center console;
  • Electrical door and trunk locks;
  • Front and rear electric windows with the “one touch” function for driver’s glass;
  • Three-spoke steering wheel with height adjustment;
  • Front airbags for driver and passenger;
  • Preparation for audio system.

Nissan March 2023 spec sheet

Let’s now check out some of the details that the new data sheet of the Nissan March 2023 can present with this model release:


  • Type: Front, transverse, 3 cylinders in line, 12 valves, electronic accelerator, bi-fuel (gasoline and ethanol);
  • Displacement: 999 cm³;
  • Power: 77 hp @ 6,200 rpm (ethanol / petrol);
  • Transmission: Manual, 5-speed / XTRONIC CVT®.

Dimensions and Capabilities

  • Length: 3,827 mm;
  • Width 1.675 mm;
  • Height 1,528 mm;
  • Distance between axles 2,450 mm;
  • Luggage compartment 265 liters;
  • Fuel tank 41 liters.

Consumption of Nissan March 2023

INMETRO evaluates the consumption of models launched in US, and the expected average for the Nissan March 2023 is as follows:

Engine 1.0

  • Fueled with average alcohol of 8.8 km / liters in the city;
  • Fueled with alcohol of 10.3 km / liters on the highway;
  • Fueled with gasoline average of 12.9 km / liters in the city;
  • Fueled with gasoline average of 15.1 km / liters on the road.

Engine 1.6 16V

  • Fueled with average alcohol of 8.9 km / liters ;
  • Fueled with gasoline average of 13.1 km / liters .

Price of the new Nissan March

An adjustment is already expected in the market value of the new Nissan March 2023, and while this new value is not disclosed check the current price of the model:

  • Nissan March 1.0 S: $ 12120;
  • Nissan March 1.0 SV: $ 12500;
  • Nissan March 1.6 SV: $ 14000;
  • Nissan March 1.6 SV CVT: $ 15350;
  • Nissan March 1.6 SL CVT: $ 16650.

Following are more photos of Nissan March reminding that more model information can be updated as soon as it is released by the automaker:

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