New Hyundai Nexo 2020: Prices, Photos, Specs, Design, Power reserve

The New Hyundai Nexo 2020 is Hyundai Motor’s second generation fuel cell crossover, which the company is positioning as the most advanced vehicle with zero emissions. Thanks to the new fuel cell system, Hyundai Motor has managed to comprehensively develop the technology of the previous model.

New Hyundai Nexo 2020

The overall efficiency and fuel economy make the New Hyundai Nexo 2020 crossover the categorical leader of its segment.

New Hyundai Nexo 2020

Features of the Fuel Cell Transmission

New Hyundai Nexo 2020 was designed on a new platform that made the crossover better in many ways: the car became lighter, the battery moved to the trunk, the layout of the fuel cell system improved.

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New Hyundai Nexo 2020 is one of the best cars with no harmful emissions, which is applicable for everyday use. The electric motor of the car has a maximum output of 120 kW (163 hp) and a torque of 395 Nm. New Hyundai Nexo 2020 accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 9.2 seconds and reaches a top speed of 179 km / h.

Environmentally friendly fuel cell power unit has an increased rate of utilization of hydrogen and derived components. This leads to excellent transmission performance, which allows the New Hyundai Nexo 2020 crossover to have a cruising range of about 800 km according to the NEDC cycle – which is better than any other fuel cell vehicle and many electric cars. This power reserve is comparable to the range of an internal combustion engine and allows drivers to travel long distances.

The new vehicle platform allowed to combine three identical tanks with a volume of 52.2 liters of hydrogen each, but despite the higher storage capacity for fuel, the Hyundai Nexo 2020 takes only five minutes to fully refuel.

An important feature of the new transmission of the car is the possibility of its work in conditions of extreme ambient temperatures. According to the test results, Hyundai Nexo 2020 can be run, even if the outdoor temperature drops to minus 30 degrees Celsius within 30 seconds.

The design of the exterior and interior of the New Hyundai Nexo 2020

The NEXO crossover features a clean and calm design that emphasizes its sleek silhouette and floating roof. Pure body shapes are designed to be both efficient and beautiful and shape the style of an SUV.

The front of the Hyundai Nexo 2020 looks beautiful and clearly framed with composite horizontal LED fluorescent lights. Daytime running lights are connected by a continuous thin line that emphasizes the elegant and horizontal front layout of the optics. Triangular headlights below daytime running lights highlight the progressive nature of the car. The cascade grille Hyundai Nexo 2020 is expanded to increase the air intake, in addition to form a strong visual perception of the front end.

The design of the New Hyundai Nexo 2020 car is seamless on the sides and rear. Thin, with a slope of the roof is emphasized by a low D-rack, which goes into the rear spoiler. The feed has an almost triangular window with an integrated rear wiper. The triangular design of the taillights in combination with the horizontal layout of the rear of the car forms a stylish composition.

Hyundai Nexo 2020 is the first Hyundai car with built-in door handles. This solution provides a “clean” design of the sides of the car and improves aerodynamics. Drivers can choose automatic door handles, both for the driver, and for all four doors.

In the interior of the Hyundai Nexo 2020, the most noticeable is the wide black panel, which houses two large LCD displays, one for 12.3-inch for the navigation system and multimedia, the second for the 7-inch driver dashboard.

The wheelbase of the car is increased by 150 mm compared with the previous model ix35, which led to a better organization of the internal space with a comfortable accommodation of 5 passengers and the formation of a completely flat luggage compartment with an impressive volume.

Photos New Hyundai Nexo 2020

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