New Hyundai Kona BEV 2020: Prices, Photos, Specs, Design, Power reserve

The New Hyundai Kona BEV 2020 is the first all-electric subcompact crossover on the European market. Electric car combines the two most popular trends in the modern automotive industry – the environmentally friendly and SUV style.

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New Hyundai Kona BEV 2020

Features of the transmission New Hyundai Kona BEV 2020 with the battery pack “Short-range”
The New Honda Fit 2020 BEV with a battery capacity of 39.2 kW • h is the basic “Short-range” version of an electric car equipped with a 99 kW electric motor, which consumes an average of 14.8 kW • h per 100 kilometers. The power plant HNew Honda Fit 2020 BEV provides instant torque of 395 Nm, providing maximum driving pleasure with a maximum speed of 167 km / h. The power reserve of the New Honda Fit 2020 BEV is 300 kilometers according to a single global WLTP standard.

The transmission is controlled by pressing buttons, it does not have a huge number of mechanical connections, which made it possible to position it so that a small trunk is left in front of the car. The crossover New Honda Fit 2020 BEV is equipped with an electronic parking brake, which is easily activated with one touch of a finger.

Features of electrification and charging New Honda Fit 2020 BEV

The capacity of lithium-ion polymer batteries Hyundai Kona Electric in the basic version is 39.2 kW • h. The electric car is completed with an onboard charger with a capacity of 7.2 kW, with which it is possible to replenish the battery capacity up to 100% in 6 hours and 10 minutes. When using a fast DC charger up to 100 kW, charging the battery can take approximately 54 minutes. In addition, owners of the crossover can use the ICCB cable to recharge the car from a standard outlet. The charging port of the electric vehicle is in its front end next to the Hyundai logo.

Exterior New Honda Fit 2020 BEV

The exterior design of the New Honda Fit 2020 BEV is characterized by a kind of highly contrasting design of the wheel arches, which in many ways forms the perception of the car as a crossover, despite the fact that in terms of dimensions it is closer to more compact classes. The key elements in the exterior design of the front of the car is a closed grille and composite optics, which form the progressive appearance of the car. To improve its aerodynamics, air curtains are located in the front bumper, enhancing the aerodynamic characteristics of the car by reducing turbulence in the wheel arch area.

The New Honda Fit 2020 BEV profile also expresses the attractive and fast-moving nature of an electric vehicle. The electric crossover has short rear overhangs, the bumpers of which emphasize the overall swiftness of the image. The roof rack repeats its clear geometry and forms the image of car owners as active people, offering the opportunity to install an additional roof rack.

To emphasize sophistication, New Honda Fit 2020 BEV has side sills in silver trim that add elegance and lightness. The car’s feed is represented by an LED optics package, where even the rear spoiler is equipped with an LED brake light.
To give the electric car more sportiness, all New Honda Fit 2020 BEV are equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels with an original pattern.

Also in the design of the car is available two-tone design of the roof and body, the colors of which can be selected individually from several options presented for the roof and side mirrors: Phantom Black, Dark Knight, Chalk White, for the body: Chalk White, Dark Knight, Tangerine Comet, Ceramic Blue, Pulse Red, Acid Yellow, Galactic Gray.

Interior New Honda Fit 2020 BEV

Interior design can be selected by the owners from a black fabric interior, combined with leather elements or a pure leather interior.

The most noticeable element in the design of the car is a specialized center console, which occupies all the space between the driver and the passenger and combines buttons that allow you to intuitively control the functions of the car. Under it is additional space for various small things and devices.

Electronic dashboard with high resolution is responsible for displaying all the information required by the driver: speedometer, charge level, power consumption, driving mode.

Multimedia and navigation information is broadcast on a central screen. It is located at an angle so as to provide the clearest visibility in different lighting conditions, in addition, the angle and height of the display can be adjusted individually.

The electric New Honda Fit 2020 BEV crossover offers reinforced front seats with 8-step adjustable positions, and the seats have 3-speed ventilation and heating. In addition, the heating function is equipped and the steering wheel of the car.

Safety New Hyundai Kona BEV 2020

Technologically, the New Hyundai Kona BEV 2020 is a very well-equipped electric vehicle, which has a lot of modes and practical functions for maximum driver comfort. Among them, security systems allotted, perhaps the main place. Thus, in each version of the New Hyundai Kona BEV 2020, the owner has access to: a warning system and to prevent frontal collisions, assistance in maintaining his lane, a system for monitoring blind spots, a speeding warning mode. In addition, the electric car is equipped with parking sensors that help to coordinate the movement in the parking lot and standard passive protection in the form of a set of airbags.

Photos New Hyundai Kona BEV 2020

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