New Honda WRV 2023: price, interior, specifications and consumption

The new Honda WRV 2023 is now available for purchase! Imposing but compact, the evolution of the brand is present in both design and engine. The market is demanding and in this SUV area, a Honda does not disappoint. The launch of the Honda WRV 2023 is part of the brand’s commitment to this growing search for a rising model.

New Honda WRV 2023

New Honda’s goal with this SUV is to replace the current model and launch a more compact option, less than four meters long. As it will be launched in India, the model will be this size to comply with the requirements of Indian law and collect less taxes.

A relevant innovation in the new 2023 model will be the change of platform, where it will be based on the Amaze sedan and will abandon the double City / Fit base. Prices for the model are expected to drop significantly compared to the brand’s current price.

As for the engine, the model has option 1.5 with a manual or automatic CVT transmission and low emission of pollutants.

New Honda WRV 2023

Main competitors New Honda WRV 2023 :

Itens Honda WRV 2023

The launch of the New Honda WRV has a bold front and a unique design. Combining sportiness and aggressiveness, its chrome grilles and wide tires make the new WRV even more striking and daring.

With new technologies, the model presents more comfort and many more options for the convenience of the driver. The trunk, despite its 363 liter capacity, can hold up to 1,045 liters with a folding seat system.

Discover the main articles of the series of the new New Honda WRV 2023 :

  • Interior lighting of pedals;
  • Bright speaker frame;
  • Security Rear parking sensor;
  • Illuminated threshold;
  • Rubber mat;
  • Standard carpet mat;
  • Threshold protector;
  • Anti-theft lock for WR-V spare wheel;
  • Utility tray for trunk;
  • Sport pedals (CVT);
  • Safety baby chair – safe for baby plus II;
  • Children’s chair – duo plus;
  • Rain deflector with WR-V logo – new;
  • LED lens (fog light);
  • Philips H8 lamp (fog light);
  • Rear spoiler with brake light;
  • Apply lower side;
  • 16 ″ light alloy rim – dark;
  • The front and rear bumpers apply;
  • Door border with WR-V logo;
  • Rear and central front bumper protector;
  • WR-V crankcase protector;
  • Anti-theft nut for WR-V wheels.

The attractive magic seat allows the New Honda WRV 2023 to even adapt to a kayak inside, folding the backrest of the rear seat and tilting the front passenger seat.

New Honda WRV specifications

The New Honda is developed according to USAnes street standards, with a set of suspensions and hydraulic stops to absorb impacts efficiently and reactively, with less noise and better response.

The WRV 2023 engine is more efficient with high performance, good economy without loss of power and low emissions of pollutants. Below, see its technical sheet:

  • 1.5 L 16V SOHC i-VTEC FlexOne engine
  • Petrol power: 115 hp / 6,000 rpm
  • Ethanol power: 116 hp / 6000 rpm
  • Torque 15.2 / 4800 /(kgf.m/rpm/) – Petrol
  • Torque 15.3 / 4800 /(kgf.m/rpm/) – Ethanol
  • Front-wheel Drive
  • CVT type automatic transmission
  • 16-inch alloy wheels
  • 195/60 R16 tires
  • Temporary spare tire
  • Direction with progressive electric assistance / (EPS /)
  • MacPherson front suspension
  • Rear suspension with torsion bar
  • Front shock absorbers with hydraulic stops
  • Emission level A
  • Wheelbase: 2,555 mm
  • Length: 4000 mm
  • Height with ceiling support: 1599 mm
  • Width: 1.734mm
  • Mass in working order CVT: 1.130Kg
  • Total gross weight CVT: 1.590Kg
  • Gas tank capacity: 45.3 L
  • Boot capacity: 363L
  • Maximum boot volume with folding rear seats in the Magic Seat system: 1.045 L

Regarding the colors of the WRV 2023 model, the main ones are:

  • Mercury pearl red
  • Pearly white
  • Barium gray metallic;
  • Platinum metallic silver
  • Black pearly crystal;
  • Solid white taffeta.

Honda WRV 2023 consumption

The new New Honda is economical and offers excellent performance in town / highway. Here are the consumption tests for the new WRV 2023 :

  • City / Ethanol 8.1Km / L;
  • City / Gas 11.7 km / L;
  • Road / Ethanol 8.8Km / L;
  • Road / Petrol 12.4Km / L.

Honda WRV 2023 price

The price of the New Honda WRV 2023 is established according to its versions, which are:

  • Honda WRV EXL: starting at $ 20,000 ;
  • Honda WRV EX: starting at $ 19,300 .

Remember that with the items to choose, this value can be changed.

More vehicle information will be updated soon. Check out more photos of the New Honda WRV 2023 :

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