New Honda HR-V 2023 : Prices, Data Sheet, Photos, News

News about the arrival of the new Honda HR-V 2023 are already beginning to circulate, and with this the best-selling SUV in US is even more targeted by those who admire this model.

New Honda HR-V 2023

There is not much information yet about what we will have in the new Honda HR-V 2023 , but then we have brought some of what is already expected for the model, follow! The new Honda HR-V 2023 will offer more comfort and technology in both the interior and the powertrain, see below.

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What’s New in the Honda HR-V 2023

Several new features are expected for the new Honda HR-V 2023 , but among them we highlight:

  • New headlamps with DRL;
  • New LED flashlights;
  • Rain sensor;
  • Rear parking sensor;
  • Twilight sensor.

New Honda HR-V 2023

The model also has a striking look composed of modern lines that harmonize with the SUV’s proposal to offer a contemporary style.

Items of the new Honda HR-V 2023

The interior items of the new Honda HR-V 2023 are being chosen to make the model more complete and comfortable in this launch, among these items we have:

  • Automatic digital air conditioning;
  • Digital audio;
  • Seat and steering column with height adjustment;
  • Bluetooth;
  • Reverse camera;
  • Central multimedia with seven-inch screen Multi-touch screen;
  • Steering sound controls;
  • Electrical direction;
  • Internet browser (via hotspot);
  • GPS navigator;
  • Carpets with fasteners on the floor.

Safety in the new Honda HR-V 2023

Safety is also a strong point of the new Honda HR-V 2023 , and for this the model has approved technology in tests that aim to offer greater safety in adverse situations.

Check out some of the Honda HR-V 2023’s safety items:

  • Manual gear;
  • LED lights with daytime running lights;
  • ABS Brakes and Airbags;
  • Anti-dazzle internal mirror;
  • Gear shift selector on steering wheel;
  • Light and reverse sensors;
  • Automatic lighting system for headlamps;
  • ULT system (modular configuration of the seats);
  • Hill Start Assist (HSA) system.

Technical specifications of the new Honda HR-V

Technical details of the model can not be left out of our post, but as the datasheet of the Honda HR-V 2023 has not yet been disclosed check what is expected:

  • Engine: 1.8 16 v SOHC i-VTEC Flexone 140 hp with gasoline and 139 hp with ethanol;
  • Transmission: six-speed manual gearbox only in the LX version and seven-speed automatic gearbox type CVT in the LX, EX and EXL versions;
  • Length (mm): 4.294;
  • Height (mm): 1.586;
  • Width (mm): 1.772;
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2,610;
  • Gas tank capacity (l): 51;
  • Capacity of the trunk (l): 431.

As soon as the SUV data sheet is released we will update more details in our post for you!

Consumption of the new Honda HR-V 2023

The expected consumption for the new HR-V 2023 is even better than the current model, but as we are still in the testing phase see the expected average:

Refueling with Gasoline

  • Average of 10.5 km / l in the city and 12.1 km / l on the highway.

Filling with Ethanol

  • Average of 7.1 km / l in the city and 8.5 km / l on the highway.

Price of the new Honda HR-V 2023

The new price of the Honda HR-V will be announced with the launch of the SUV, however we have to follow the versions and values ​​of the current model, check:

  • HR-V Touring Automatic Transmission CVT: $ 20600
  • HR-V EXL Automatic Transmission CVT: $ 28230
  • HR-V EX Automatic Transmission CVT: $ 25950
  • HR-V LX Automatic Transmission CVT: $ 24100
  • HR-V LX Manual Transmission: $ 22190

Keep an eye on our post because we will update more details of the HR-V 2023 as soon as it’s available!

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