New Honda Fit 2023 BEV: Prices, Photos, Specs, Design, Power reserve

The New Honda Fit 2023 BEV is the electric version of the Honda Fit gasoline model, so an electric car should be considered as another modification in the generation of this model.

New Honda Fit 2023 BEV

The electric car New Honda Fit 2023 BEV retained the similarities and appearance of its older brother, but radically changed its perception of itself with a new attitude to the environment, becoming the herald of Honda, which has long wanted to declare itself as a concern with great prospects in the environmentally friendly segment.

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Specifications New Honda Fit 2023 BEV

Instead of a gasoline engine, the electric vehicle power plant is based on a synchronous electric motor with a 123 hp permanent magnet, which is powered by a set of 20 kWh lithium-ion batteries.

The maximum speed of the New Honda Fit 2023 BEV offered by this working tandem is 160 km / h, it takes 8.5 seconds to accelerate to a hundred, and the power reserve per charge is 160 km. The electric car has several ways of recharging, the most affordable is connecting the Honda Fit EV to the household grid at a speed of 100% charge for 6 hours, it is also possible to connect to the mains with a voltage of 380V, at which the charging time is reduced to 3 hours, and the last, fastest way is stations fast recharging with the completion of 80% of the battery in 30 minutes.

Exterior and Interior New Honda Fit 2023 BEV

The Honda Fit 2023 BEV electric car retains the peculiar appearance of its fuel relative, but has improved aerodynamic characteristics. The grille is more closed, and the front of the body is deeper and has a splitter in order to move the air flow on the sides of the car. The side and rear parts also received additional processing for the sake of aerodynamic characteristics; an important role is also played by the spoiler extending from the roof.

Inside, the New Honda Fit 2023 BEV has the same layout as the gasoline version, seats with excellent lateral support, pleasant ergonomics and excellent visibility. For four adult passengers the car will be very comfortable, a lot of space for legs and head, no one will feel discomfort and awkwardness.

Also in the car there is a full-fledged trunk, with a good volume and the possibility of its increase by folding the rear row of seats.

Electric Car Control New Honda Fit 2023 BEV

For the most part, the New Honda Fit 2023 BEV preserves the agile character of the gasoline counterpart. The additional weight of lithium-ion batteries of the car, which, along with the multi-link rear suspension installed, actually calms the ride of an electric vehicle, slightly affects driving performance.

New Honda Fit 2023 BEV, like all electric vehicles, is immediately available all the torque of the electric motor, but its distribution is systematic and depends on the chosen driving mode, of which there are three models: Normal, Sport, Eco. They are adapted from the hybrid model Honda CR-Z and have a direct impact on the power, speed and driving distance of the car.

Normal mode implies electric vehicle power limited to 101 horsepower.
Eco mode reduces the power of the electric motor to 63 horsepower, acceleration dynamics, limits the operation of the air conditioner compressor, in a word does everything to save the battery charge as much as possible.
Sport mode its performance is most consistent with the gasoline counterpart. The gas pedal in this mode is more responsive, the electric motor runs at full power (123 hp).
The nature of the drive for each mode is individual, you can summarize only the excellent handling of the car, characteristic of all Honda models. The car drives equally confidently both in the city and on the motorway, which is a big plus of the model in comparison with many competitors.

Options New Honda Fit 2023 BEV

New Honda Fit 2023 BEV – well equipped, you can feel the level of equipment from Honda. In the basic version, the actual maximum options are available, including an LCD display, climate control, cruise control, heated seats, a multifunction steering wheel, a stereo system, and navigation. Salon offers good quality finishes, including leather upholstery.

Safety New Honda Fit 2023 BEV

Safety is one of the main trump cards of the New Honda Fit 2023 BEV cars of the company have always been distinguished by a high level of active and passive protection, so you should not expect exceptions from the electric car. New Honda Fit 2023 BEV offers the same features as other Honda cars. Six airbags, systems ESP, ABS, EBD is the usual standard.

As a complement, the Honda Fit EV is equipped with LACHT connectors in two second-row seats, which provide a simple attachment of child seats. A slightly modified body structure improves passenger protection in frontal collisions. Frontal front and side airbags are equipped with a mode for detecting the location of passengers, so they “fire” directly at the object of protection.

The lithium-ion battery is located in a steel case and remains secure and safe for any accident. For additional protection in the event of an accident, it is automatically disabled.

Thanks to these innovations, Honda Fit EV has received the highest rating from many organizations that evaluate the safety of operating vehicles.

Photos New Honda Fit 2023 BEV

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