New Hilux 2023 : Price, Consumption, Photos, Technical Sheet

The new Hilux 2023 is a pickup equipped with high technology items and bringing a new concept to the segment. The model promises to present a restyling that encompasses beyond the visual the mechanical part of the truck, and for you to know what we have planned for the new Hilux 2023 keep track!

New Hilux 2023

The new Hilux 2023 promises to come to market to remain among the best selling, let’s then learn more details of the model. And the size of the competition the new cars 2023 will face.

The changes in the look of the new Hilux 2023 have not yet been announced by the automaker, but the pickup is expected to bring news on its front including a new front grille.

New Hilux 2023

Other news expected for the new Toyota Hilux 2023 are:

  • New 6-speed automatic gearbox of the sequential type;
  • Push Start System;
  • Refurbished headlights;
  • Mechanical re-calibration aimed at reducing the consumption and emission of pollutant gases.

Itens da Toyota New Hilux 2023

The Hilux 2023 will feature new items in addition to new technology in several already known items. Check out the list with some of these items:

  • Manual air conditioning;
  • Hydraulic steering;
  • On-board computer;
  • GPS navigator;
  • Digital TV;
  • Reverse camera;
  • ABS brakes;
  • Airbags;
  • Electric rearview mirror;
  • Toyota Play Multimedia Center synchronized to Smartphone via Bluetooth;
  • Automatic headlamp activation;
  • Multimedia center with 7-inch touch screen.

Ficha técnica da New Hilux 2023

The technical details of the new Hilux 2023 have not yet been disclosed, but we have brought some current information so that we already have an idea of ​​what is coming, see:

  • 2.7 liter engine with 158 hp with gasoline and 163 hp with alcohol
  • 177 HP 2.8L diesel engine
  • Six-speed automatic transmission in all versions
  • Dimensions and capacities
  • Length (mm): 5260
  • Width (mm): 1835
  • Height (mm): 1860
  • Between-axes (mm): 3085
  • Weight (kg): 1685 (flex) and 1925 (diesel)
  • Fuel tank capacity: 80 liters
  • Seats: 5

Consumo da New Hilux 2023

INMETRO will perform the tests of consumption of the new Hilux 2023 , and while waiting to check the average expected for the pickup:

  • Hilux 2.7 fueled with ethanol: average of 4.8 km / l in the city and 5.6 km / l on the road
  • Hilux 2.7 fueled with gasoline: average of 6.9 km / l in the city and 8.1 km / l on the road

Keep an eye on our post, as we will update more information on the consumption of the new Hilux 2023 as soon as disclosed.

Prices da Hilux 2023

The new value of the Hilux 2023 was not disclosed, however if we consider the inflation and the current value of the model the expectation is that the truck arrives with prices from:

  • Hilux 2.7 SR Double cab Traction 4 × 2 automatic flex motor: $ 30370
  • Hilux 2.8 TDI Chassis Cab Simple 4 × 4 traction: $ 31280
  • Hilux 2.8 TDI STD Single Traction 4 × 4 Cabin: $ 32300
  • Hilux 2.7 SRV Double cab 4 × 4 automatic flex: $ 35360
  • Hilux 2.8 TDI STD 4×4 Double Traction Cabin: $ 35660
  • Hilux 2.8 TDI SR Dual traction 4 × 4 automatic cab : $ 41470
  • Hilux 2.8 TDI SRV Double 4×4 Automatic Traction Cabin: $ 45460
  • Hilux 2.8 TDI SRX Double 4×4 Traction Automatic Cab : $ 51180

Fotos da New Hilux 2023

Follow the following more photos of Hilux that we selected so you can check out even more details of the pickup:

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