New HB20 2023 : Prices, Data Sheet, Photos, News

Scheduled to launch in the second half of 2023, the new HB20 2023 generates curiosity and anxiety, as new features are awaited, including design and performance improvements. We look for more details than the new HB20 2023 will present, and to know better the model continue to follow!

HB20 2023

The new HB20 2023 promises to keep its style bold and innovative, adding to the model improvements so that it stands out even more in its segment.

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What’s New in HB20 2023

Let’s start with the look of the new 2023 HB20 that promises to present in this launch a front with new contours that guarantee greater imposition to the model.

New HB20 2023

The HB20 2023 also features LED headlamps and fog lights with projector to bring more style to the front of the HB20.

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Side-mounted electric side mirrors designed to enhance aerodynamics and the harmony of the model’s design are also present in the new HB20 2023 .

Regarding the external colors of the new HB20 2023 we have provided the following options:

  • White;
  • Black Onix;
  • Metallic;
  • Bronze Earth;
  • Gray Titanium;
  • Silver Metal;
  • Silver Sand.

Interior of the new HB20 2023

The interior of the new HB20 2023 is packed with technology so your items can more and more meet your audience, and among these items we have:

  • Leather steering wheel with Bluetooth and audio commands;
  • BlueMedia multimedia center;
  • Automatic air-conditioning digital;
  • OnCar® screen mirroring with Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto systems;
  • USB and AUX inputs;
  • Voice command;
  • GPS Navigation.

Technical specifications of the new HB20 2023

The HB20 2023 fact sheet will be updated to present this release, but here are some expected information:


  • Motor Kappa 1.0 Manual Flex Manual transmission;
  • Kappa 1.0 Turbo Manual Flex Manual 6-speed manual transmission;
  • Engine Gamma 1.6 Manual Flex 6-speed manual transmission;
  • Engine Gamma 1.6 Automatic Flex 6-speed automatic transmission.


  • Width, 168 cm;
  • Length, 392 cm;
  • Height, 147 cm;
  • Weight: 1.040 kg;
  • Between-axes, 250 cm;
  • Tank capacity: 50 L;
  • Luggage compartment capacity: 300 L.

HB20 consumption

The consumption of the new HB20 will be evaluated by INMETRO, and for the model the expected average is:

Engine 1.0

  • Fueled with gasoline – 12.5 km / liter in the city and 14.1 km / liter on the highway;
  • Supplied with ethanol – 8.5 km / liter in the city and 9.9 km / liter on the highway.

Engine 1.6

  • Fueled with gasoline – 11.6 km / liter in the city and 13.8 km / liter on the highway;
  • Supplied with ethanol – 8.1 km / liter in the city and 9.9 km / liter on the highway.

As soon as the results of the consumption tests for HB20 2023 are announced, we will update more information!

Price of the new HB20 2023

The price of the new HB20 will still be announced, until you check the price and the current versions of the model:

  • Comfort Plus 1.0 – $ 12300 ;
  • Comfort Style 1.0 – $ 13080 ;
  • Comfort Plus 1.6 manual – $ 13490 ;
  • Comfort Style 1.6 manual – $ 14260 ;
  • Comfort Plus 1.6 automatic – $ 14400 ;
  • Comfort Style 1.6 automatic – $ 15170 ;
  • Premium 1.6 automatic – $ 15950 .

Photos of HB20 2023

We will continue to check more photos of HB20 reminding that our post will be updated with more information of the model as soon as more details of this release are announced.

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