New Ford Fusion 2023: photos, price, news and specifications

Car enthusiasts will love to meet the new Ford Fusion 2023. It is a vehicle with impeccable aesthetics and high performance, combining beauty and agility. Want to know more about the new Ford Fusion 2023? Check out the news below!

Meet Fusion

The New Ford Fusion 2023 has 2 engine options and has also launched the hybrid version which calls for even more attention to those who want a top class and economical model. With its 2.0 Ecoboost 248 hp engine, it offers the agility that the driver expects from his vehicle.

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The new version also has a 6-speed automatic transmission with modifications to the steering wheel. All this to make the owners more passionate about the model.

New Ford Fusion 2023

The New Ford brand is always innovating and this time has decided to present a modern design, advanced technology and comfort beyond expectations.

In its look, the New Ford Fusion 2023 appears with a reshaping of the headlights in order to bring a more modern and sophisticated air to the vehicle. In addition to a sophisticated and imposing designer.

Ford Fusion News

One of the new features of the New Ford Fusion 2023 is its front design, which includes a new bumper, with chrome caps at the bottom. The titanium versions (conventional and hybrid) also have a chrome grille and LED fog lights.

They also have intelligent 4-wheel drive all-wheel drive that analyzes driving style and terrain conditions.

More performance, security and stability.

The bumper is also new.

The trunk lid has gained a cleaner design, with pleats that connect to the sides.

Colors of the new Fusion

As for colors, we expect the 7 current options to remain in the 2023 car , these are:

  • Belize Blue;
  • White Siberia;
  • Moscow Gray;
  • Vermont Red;
  • Dublin Silver;
  • Sevilla Silver;
  • Black Asturias.

New Fusion 2023 items

The New Ford Fusion 2023 has new items to further increase its sales, so the model brings items such as:

  • AppLink;
  • Digital air conditioning with driver and passenger control;
  • Electric seat adjustment (10 positions);
  • Autonomous pedestrian detection assistant;
  • Collision alert with autonomous brake assistant.
  • Leather seats and doors;

  • 6-speed automatic transmission;
  • Traction control (TCS);
  • Car Play and Android Auto connectivity;
  • Door with intelligent access sensor;
  • Adaptive autopilot with Stop & Go;
  • SYNC 3 11 speakers;
  • Stability control system (ESC);
  • Front parking sensor;
  • 110 v socket;
  • 8 Front, side, curtain and knee airbags – driver and passenger.

Ford Fusion specifications

The Fusion 2023 datasheet provides all the information regarding model changes. You will find everything you need to know to choose the model as your favorite car.

See the technical sheet below:


  • 2.0 engine of 234 hp exclusively with petrol and six-speed automatic transmission;
  • 134 hp 2.0 engine combined with an electric motor (hybrid version) and an automatic CVT type gearbox.
  • 2.5 hp, 167 hp flexible engine with petrol and 175 with alcohol and six-speed automatic transmission.

Dimensions and capacities

  • Height: 1.48 meters;
  • Width: 2.12 meters;
  • Length: 4.87 meters;
  • Wheelbase: 2.85 meters;
  • Total weight: 1,566 kg;
  • Fuel tank capacity: 62 liters;
  • Safe: 514 liters;
  • 5 occupants.

The consumption

2.5 flexible motor:

  • Average of 5.4 km / l with ethanol and 7.9 km / l with petrol in the city;
  • Average of 8.2 km / l with ethanol and 11.9 km / l with petrol on the road.

2.0 turbo petrol engine:

  • Average of 8.6 km / l city;
  • Average 11.7 km / l of road.

Hybrid version

  • Average of 16.8 km in the city and on the road.

Price of the new Ford Fusion 2023

Now let’s waste your pocket. The price of the New Ford Fusion 2023 varies depending on the version chosen. Values ​​start from:

  • Sun roof SEL 2.0 EcoBoost +: from $ 34,500;
  • Titanium 2.0 EcoBoost AWD: from $ 40,000;
  • Titanium Hybrid: starting at $ 43,000.

For more inspiration, see more photos below:

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