New Ford Focus 2023 BEV: Prices, Photos, Specs, Design, Power reserve

New Ford Focus 2023 BEV is an electric vehicle with a successful combination of practicality, handling and economy of operation. Universal car for everyday use, which, after equipping the battery with a capacity of 33.5 kW • h and increasing the range of up to 185 km, became even more attractive as an environmentally friendly vehicle.

New Ford Focus 2023 BEV

New Ford Focus 2023 BEV Electric second generation received a new charger with a connector standard CCS, which allows you to charge at fast stations.

New Ford Focus 2023 BEV

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Powertrain New Ford Focus 2023 BEV

The new Ford Focus 2023 BEV of the second generation has an electric motor with a power of 107 kW, which is equivalent to 143 horsepower and 250 Nm of torque. The engine can be called ambitious, since the instant availability of torque offers an acceleration of up to 100 km / h in just 9.9 seconds, which is greatly facilitated by the single-speed gearbox.

Exterior New Ford Focus 2023 BEV

Outside, the New Ford Focus 2023 BEV is a pretty attractive car that instills a sense of reliability and comfort. It is very similar to its fuel analogues and in this its main advantage is possible because it is expected from him exactly the qualities that made the mega models of ICE popular.

The electric car is equipped with heated mirrors, practical door handles, LED taillights, 17-inch alloy wheels.

Interior New Ford Focus 2023 BEV second generation
New Ford Focus 2023 BEV comes with a full package as standard equipment, with the exception of leather seat trim – this is the only option that needs to be ordered separately.

The electric car salon is modest and comfortable, plenty of room for four adults and a child. The driver and front passenger are provided with heated seats.

The atmosphere in the cabin is pleasant, high-quality trim, both visually and tactile. The plastic components look great, the center console is equipped with an 8-inch touchscreen, and Ford’s SYNC® 3 system is responsible for multimedia, including navigation and voice controls.

Remote vehicle start is standard equipment with a salon access system based on MyKey Intelligent Access technology.
The instrument cluster looks great and helps to drive efficiently.

Options New Ford Focus 2023 BEV

As already mentioned in its category of cars “packed” to the maximum and offers a navigation system, cruise control, rear view camera. Perhaps there is a lack of a separate package of options that would extend the functionality of the car, but this would additionally affect the price of the electric car, which, despite all the advantages, does not correlate with the premium segment.

Practicality and driving performance of the electric Focus Electric
Initially, the New Ford Focus 2023 BEV was not designed to accommodate a pair of large batteries, so the battery pack is not as neatly packed as in electric vehicles designed from the ground up. This means that and so is not a huge trunk, it became even smaller. The benefit of the battery layout did not affect the internal passenger comfort, due to which the New Ford Focus 2023 BEV would have even more problems.

As for driving, with this model everything is in perfect order and completely corresponds to the usual behavior on the road of the usual New Ford Focus 2023 BEV. The suspension of the car copes with body control, and the low center of gravity contributes to the additional stability of the car. The steering is quite soft, there is no hint of sporting rigidity, which, incidentally, the car does not need mainly for urban use.
Regenerative braking in the New Ford Focus 2023 BEV functions perfectly helping to achieve the stated power reserve.

Photos Ford Focus 2023

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