New Fiat Strada 2021: Price, Restyling, Engine and Photos

The launch of the new Fiat Strada 2021 is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021. The project was secretly known as the X1P and after much suspense, some information about the truck came out. Now with code name 2810, the new Fiat Strada 2021 will have reinterpretations of Strada and modernized the mechanics.

Find out all about the New Fiat Strada 2021 in the following article.

New Fiat Strada 2021 style

The new Strada pick-up was still camouflaged when it was spotted during tests and what is known is that its contours are better defined. The production line begins to be prepared in January 2021.

New Fiat Strada 2021

In July 2019, the units tested will start to be assembled. The new models will be the options of single, double and extended cab, with 4 doors. The New Fiat Strada 2021 model will be hybrid with the same rear suspension as the Strada.

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At the front, the 2021 launch has the same platform as the Argo. The only difference is the updated and reinforced arms. The New Fiat Strada 2021 will have the 327 platform (at the front of the Mobi) with the rear of the Fiorino platform.

The New Fiat Strada 2021 will compete for space with its rivals:

Standard articles Fiat Strada 2021

As a reinterpretation of close relatives Argo and Cronos, the new Strada pick-up receives equipment similar to the brothers. Regarding the main elements, it is unclear how the New Fiat Strada 2021 will be .

But we can already say a few things:

  • Electronic stability control – this item will be standardized and mandatory for categories;
  • Side airbags;
  • Electric trio;
  • Multimedia center with screen for mobile phones.

Later, when we have more information on the standard items of the New Fiat Strada 2021 , we will inform you here on the site. The versions mentioned above are part of the best version package in the category.

Fiat Strada 2021 engine

With a mixed Mobi and Argo platform, the New Fiat Strada is equipped with a semi-heliptic spring shaft. Among the main elements of the mechanical dossier for the new pick-up are:

  • 1.3 Version of the Firefly engine which produces 101 hp and 13.7 kgfm with petrol for 109 hp and 14.2 kgfm with alcohol.
  • 1.0 Version of the FireFly engine which provides 72 hp and 10.4 kgfm of torque with gasoline while with ethanol, it is 77 hp and 10.9 kgfm. (3 cylinders)
  • 1.4 Version of the Fire EVO engine which produces 85 hp of power and 12.4 kgfm of torque with petrol while with ethanol, it is 85 hp and 12.5 kfgm.
  • Five-speed manual transmission / five-speed automated GSR transmission.
  • The wheelbase will increase to almost 2.75 meters in a single cabin and almost 2.80 meters in a double cabin
  • MP base (Argo and Cronos mixture)
  • Width increased from 1.66 to 1.72 meters (reduction of mirror space)
  • The Hard Work version of the new Strada pickup truck will likely have a capacity of 705 kilos and 1,220 liters.
  • Fuel tank capacity: 58 liters

These are just some of the information in the data sheet for the New Fiat 2021 pickup . Upon receipt of the complete technical file, the website will be updated.

New Fiat Strada 2021 consumption

On the road, 7.6 km / l with alcohol and 10.9 km / l with petrol.

Fiat Strada price

No. 01 in the fleet segment will launch six different versions of the New Fiat Strada, with values ​​starting at $ 13,500.

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