New Fiat Mobi 2023 : Price, Pictures, Specs and Consumables

The new Fiat Mobi 2023 soon arrives at the dealerships in US bringing this launch which is a great success of the brand. The model has modern items, is safe and economical, and to get to know better the new Fiat Mobi 2023 just keep following!

New Fiat Mobi 2023

Mobi has been a model of success since its first version, and with the arrival of the Fiat Mobi 2023 the expectation is that the model will further drive the market.

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Let’s start by citing some of the expected news for the model, and among them we will have:

  • New bumper with new dimensions;
  • Headlights with dual parabola and daytime LEDs;
  • Alloy wheels;
  • Chromed knobs.

New Fiat Mobi 2023

The 2023 launch can also feature new design lines designed to give the launch a modern look.

Colors of the Fiat Mobi 2023

For the launch of the new Mobi are expected 5 external colors, they are:

  • Black Vulcano;
  • Alpine Red;
  • White Banchisa;
  • Silver bari;
  • White Alaska.

Items of the Fiat Mobi 2023

The Fiat Mobi 2023 has a number of modern items that have been selected to make the launch more complete and comfortable. Check out what these items are:

  • Brake light;
  • ESS (Emergency Braking Signaling);
  • Instrument cluster with LED lighting;
  • 3.5-inch digital display;
  • Bipartite rear bench;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Hydraulic steering;
  • Electric front windows;
  • Steering wheel with height adjustment;
  • Cold start HCSS system.

Technical specifications of the new Fiat Mobi

We are expecting the release of the new Mobi 2023 datasheet, and until then we have some information already expected for the launch, check out:

Dimensions and capacities

  • Height of floor (mm): 146;
  • Vehicle height (mm): 1.490;
  • Vehicle width (mm): 1.633;
  • Length of vehicle (mm): 3.566;
  • Fuel tank (liters): 47;
  • Between axles (mm): 2,305;
  • Capacity of the trunk (liters): 235.


  • Engine 1.0 with manual gearbox;
  • Displacement (cc): 999.1;
  • Maximum Power (cv): 73 (G) / 75 (E) at 6,250 rpm;
  • Maximum torque (KGF.M): 9.5 (G) / 9.9 (E) at 3,850 rpm.

As soon as the technical file of the new Fiat Mobi 2023 is released we will update more information here!

Fuel consumption of Fiat Mobi

The expected consumption for the new Mobi exceeds 10 km per liter, and while INMETRO does not divulge the results of the tests being carried out follow the expected average:

Engine 1.0

  • Consumption city (km / l) – 9.6 with alcohol and 13.7 with gasoline
  • Road consumption (km / l) – 11.3 with alcohol and 16.1 with gasoline

Price of the Fiat Mobi 2023

Below we have the versions and prices of the current Fiat Mobi, check it while we await the release of the new values ​​of this model:

  • Mobi Easy 1.0 Flex manual: from $ 9400;
  • Mobi Like 1.0 Flex manual: from $ 11100;
  • Mobi Way 1.0 Flex manual: from $ 11530;
  • Mobi Drive 1.0 Flex manual: from $ 11530;
  • Mobi Easy 1.0 Automated GSR Flex: from $ 12670.

Finally you can follow more photos of the Fiat Mobi while we wait for further announcements from the automaker:

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