New Fiat Argo 2021: price, engine, specs and photos

The new Fiat Argo 2021, nicknamed Trekking by Fiat, like the old Palio and Strada, comes with visual modifications and will have a big differential: the CVT automatic transmission. The mechanics of the new Fiat Argo 2021 also has adaptations!

Find out what has changed in the New Fiat Argo 2021 and why it is competing as a major competitor to compete with, among others, New Chevrolet Onix, New Ford Ka.

Fiat Argo 2021

Launched as an adventurous version of New Fiat, the main change in the new Trekking 2021 is the choice of automatic CVT transmission, which reduces engine consumption and increases its efficiency and power.

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Robust in size, the New Fiat Argo 2021 will have blackened wheels, black roofs and mirrors, wheel housings with plastic protection and a side strip. The model should also feature exclusive tires with a higher profile and high suspension.

New Fiat Argo 2021

The competitors of this launch:

Articles from the Argo series

If the idea is to face rivals, there is no shortage of will for the new Argo. With a creative design, in addition to the exclusive design, the model will have a ground clearance of 17.9 cm higher than the previous version.

Discover the launch articles for the New Fiat Argo 2021 :

  • Rear spoiler
  • Exterior mirrors
  • Ceiling Hack
  • LED headlamp
  • Misty fog
  • Electric front windows
  • Back
  • Sunroof
  • Rear electric windows
  • Flash light
  • Stop light
  • Reverse light
  • Uconnect ™ Media Center 9 inch
  • Steering wheels with controls for application responses (Whats App, Waze, etc.)
  • The air conditioning
  • Temperature control
  • Isofix
  • Stability and traction control
  • Hill holder

Technology is not lacking in the New Fiat Trekking . In addition to the folding electric folding system and puddle lamps (lights that illuminate the ground when the vehicle owner gets out of the car), the New Fiat Argo 2021 also has rear-view tilt mirrors.

Fiat Argo 2021 specifications

One of the main advantages of Argo 2021 is the Start & Stop system, which avoids wasting fuel consumption by automatically switching off the car when it is not in motion and restarting it when the clutch is activated. In addition to gaining autonomy, the system also makes it possible to control pollution.

Discover the full technical sheet for the launch of Argo 2021 :

  • Engine: 1.3
  • Fuel: alcohol / petrol
  • Torque (kgf.m) Alcohol 14.2 / Petrol: 13.7
  • Power (hp): Alcohol: 109 / Petrol: 101
  • Brakes: two disc brakes with two ventilated discs.
  • Time 0-100 (s): 10.8
  • 5-speed manual transmission
  • Maximum speed (km / h) Alcohol: 184 / Petrol: 180
  • Front-wheel Drive
  • Steering: electric
  • Front suspension: McPherson with stabilizer bar, independent type wheel and coil springs.
  • Rear suspension: torsion axle, semi-independent wheel and coil springs.

Fiat Argo consumption

The Start & Stop system of the new Argo helps a lot in terms of consumption, because it avoids wasting gas while the 2021 car is stopped at a lighthouse, for example.

However, as soon as the driver presses the clutch, the system releases fuel again, without losing engine efficiency.

Discover the consumption tests for Argo 2021 :

  • Alcohol consumption in the city: 9.2 km / l
  • Gas consumption in the city: 12.9 km / l
  • Road consumption fueled by alcohol: 10.2 km / l
  • Road fuel consumption: 14.3 km / l

Price of the new Fiat Argo 2021

The launch versions of Argo 2021 vary in price. For the adventurous New Fiat model, the expected launch value is more than $ 11,000 .

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