New Fiat 500e 2023 BEV: Prices, Photos, Specs, Design, Power reserve

Nice car. Here is the first association that occurs when you meet with the electric car New Fiat 500e 2023 BEV. Indeed, the first thing that captivates is the appearance of the electric vehicle.

New Fiat 500e 2023 BEV

Stylish, bright, compact – the perfect New Fiat 500e 2023 BEV city car with an environmentally friendly character.
What does the Italian electric hatchback offer?

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Body New Fiat 500e 2023 BEV

New Fiat 500e 2023 BEV

The New Fiat 500e 2023 BEV differs from the fuel analogue, which has been very popular for a long time, with only a few barely noticeable details: a slightly modified air intake grille, which in the electric version does not “smile” and a wider spoiler at the rear of the car.
The absence of serious changes was originally envisioned by the designers of the company, who did not want to shift too much emphasis on the environmental friendliness of the car, but only further emphasize its “urban” character.

Salon New Fiat 500e 2023 BEV

Inside, the New Fiat 500e 2023 BEV also largely echoes the traditional hatchback with ICE. The driver’s dashboard replaces the traditional 7-inch LCD display for the Fiat 500, which in the electric version displays the data typical for the operation of the electric vehicle: power reserve, energy consumption, battery charge status. It also provides information about the selected transfer, the status of the telephone connection. The display indication and color of the animation can be chosen according to the driver’s preferences. The updated infotainment system Uconnect is integrated into the dashboard. With it, you can control the climate in the car, stereo system and navigation.

Front seats provide enough space for drivers of different build and height. With a wide range of adjustments, you can find an optimal fit with enough legroom. However, this should be done with an eye on the rear passengers, for whom the space is already very limited due to the batteries in the rear of the car.
Trunk frankly small. Even with the rear seats folded down, its volume does not provide significant luggage space.


The electric car is equipped with a 83 kW electric motor, 111 hp and a torque of 200 Nm. Engine power is transmitted to the front wheels through a single-stage gearbox. It is powered by a 24 kWh lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Dynamic performance allows the Fiat 500e to accelerate to 100 km / h in 9.1 seconds, which is one of the best in its class. The maximum speed of the electric vehicle is 141 km / h.
The car is charged using a 6.6 kW charger capable of fully charging the battery of an electric vehicle from a 220-volt outlet for 4 hours.

Road performance

The New Fiat 500e 2023 BEV electric motor is capable of providing full torque immediately after switching on the ignition. The electric car accelerates very quickly and also quickly picks up high speed. Like other electric cars, the Fiat 500e drives almost silently. Regenerative braking system acts perfectly. The suspension is soft, but not devoid of sportiness. Management informatively, at the exit on the highway, the steering wheel gains “weight”, becomes more accurate and provides confident control over the movement.

Options New Fiat 500e 2023 BEV

Electric car is well equipped. The basic version of the car offers:

full power;
heated side mirrors;
Multifunction with height adjustment;
Cruise control;
leather upholstery steering;
rear-view mirror with automatic dimming;
satellite radio.
In addition, the electric car has several premium complete sets including an additional set of options.

Security New Fiat 500e 2023 BEV

The safety level of the car meets the highest standards of the modern auto industry. The active safety package includes anti-lock brakes (ABS), vehicle stabilization on the road (ESP), and traction control. Passive protection provides a set of front and side airbags for front passengers, as well as knee airbags and active front head restraints. Parking sensors are included in the basic version of the car and automatically signal to pedestrians in the danger zone that a silent car is approaching.
The brake system of the Fiat 500e ensures a complete stop of the electric vehicle at a speed of 100 km / h at a distance of 40 meters.

New Fiat 500e 2023 BEV rating indicators according to Euro NCAP crash tests exactly repeat the achievement of fuel analogues. The overall rating of active and passive safety systems is four and a half stars. Having the highest score on the safety of front passengers, the Fiat 500e lowered the overall rating due to low safety ratings for rear passengers and pedestrians.

Photos New Fiat 500e 2023 BEV

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