New Cobalt 2023: Price, Consumption, PHOTOS, Technical Data

The new Cobalt 2023 is a car created to meet all the needs of its customers. It has an elegant design and where the vehicle passes impresses. If you want a more conservative model, this car is for you. The new Cobalt 2023 is a sedan that has undergone several updates. To learn more about them, keep reading!

Discover the new Cobalt 2023

The new Cobalt 2023 will hit the automotive market with everything! New Chevrolet has created this model to provide the best automotive experience for its customers.

The car is complete, spacious and comfortable. In addition, it features serial items to impress buyers. The model arrives in USA with an elegant design.

The brand has served its customers and made several modifications to the car. Everything to please your customers. If you are thinking of changing your car, this could be the perfect option for your garage. Meet the competitors of the model:

New Cobalt 2023

Colors of the new Cobalt 2023

The new Cobalt provides its consumers with several color options in its new model. Discover the available colors:

  • Silver Switchblade – Metallic;
  • Gray satin steel – Metallic;
  • Graphite gray – Metallic;
  • Summit White – Solid;
  • Blue Blue Eyes – Metallic;
  • Ouro Negro black – Metallic.

➤ See the models that are more successful in their launch:

It is important for the consumer to understand that color will directly influence the value of the vehicle.

Cobalt 2023 Series Items

The model brings the best of its items from the Cobalt 2023 series . If you are thinking of changing cars, this model may be the ideal choice. Because the brand was concerned with bringing the best equipment in your vehicle.

Find out more details about the new car:

  • Electric steering: progressive;
  • Exchange: manual;
  • Speeds: 6;
  • Air conditioner;
  • Rear view camera;
  • USB input and auxiliary input;
  • Integration: with smartphones;
  • Dashboard: with tachometer;
  • Board computer;
  • Dashboard: with speedometer;
  • Radio controls on the steering wheel;
  • Bluetooth connection for mobile phone;
  • Dashboard: with digital display and odometerCell phone controls on the steering wheel;
  • New Chevrolet MyLink – With LCD touch screen (7 ″).

Technical sheet of the new Cobalt 2023

Discover the technical data sheet of the new Cobalt 2023 , to know in detail the quality of the product. Official information will still be published, but you can get an idea of ​​what is expected.


  • Engine: 1.8 Flex – Front cross member;
  • Fuel: petrol and ethanol;
  • Cylinders: 4 in a row;
  • Electronic fuel injection: MPFI;
  • Valves: 8 – SOHC;
  • Compression ratio: 12.3;
  • Maximum net power: ethanol – 111 (hp) and 82.0 kW – 110 hp – with 5200 rpm;
  • Maximum net power: petrol – 106 (hp) and 78.0 kW – 105 hp – with 5200 rpm;
  • Maximum net torque: ethanol – 17.7 mKgf. With 174 Nm and 2600 rpm;
  • Maximum net torque: petrol – 16.8 mKgf. With 165 Nm and 2800 rpm.

Dimensions and capacity

  • Height (mm): 1,509;
  • Length (mm): 4,481;
  • Body width (mm): 1,735;
  • Total width (mm): 2.005;
  • Between the axles (mm): 2,620;
  • Fuel tank (L): 54;
  • Trunk (L): 563;
  • Occupants: 5.

Average consumption of the new Cobalt 2023

It is through the results of INMETRO tests that it is possible to know whether the car is economical or not. The evaluation takes place in town and on the road, so that the consumer knows exactly how the car uses its fuel.

See all the details of the average consumption of the new Cobalt 2023 :

Consumption of the city

  • The average consumption is: 8.3 km / l .

Road consumption

  • Average consumption is 10.4 km / l .

This car surprises its buyers because it is very economical.

Average price of the new Cobalt

The model is complete and offers everything your customers need. In addition, it has high quality equipment and is equipped with technology. Its consumption is economical and the car is very spacious.

New Chevrolet therefore offers the customer a fair price list. Check the average price of the new Cobalt :

  • Average LTZ 1.8 price: starting at $ 15,500 ;
  • Average price of ELITE 1.8: starting at $ 17,000 .

Get to know this model better, see the photos!

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