New Chevrolet Spin 2021: Prices, Photos, Specs & News

The new model of the Chevrolet Spin 2021 being one of the few cars in the minivan model in EU USA, ended up falling in popular taste for being one of the vehicles that are most concerned with passenger transportation. Thus, the Chevrolet Spin 2021 is being much awaited by consumers, as this year new technology items are being promised by the automaker.

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Meet the Chevrolet Spin 2021

Arriving in Brazil recently, the first model of the New Chevrolet Spin 2021 , came with a challenge apart, since a year before its launch, the Cobalt that was supposed to be a predecessor, was widely criticized by the market.

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This made the launch of Spin 2021 a bit complicated, especially because it is a minivan, a model that is not very popular in EU USA.

But over the years, the New Chevrolet Spin has fallen into popular tastes, especially from large families and private transportation workers.

Chevrolet Spin Series Items 2021

As a vehicle more focused on the comfort and safety of its passengers, the automaker has this year prioritized adding items to improve New Chevrolet Spin 2021’s passenger and driver comfort.

See below the new items of this model:

  • Double airbag;
  • Cruise control with steering wheel controls;
  • Steering wheel with control of radio and telephone functions;
  • On-board computer with instrument panel display;
  • Active Grille Shutters System;
  • Instrument panel with tachometer, speedometer with digital display, partial odometer and oil level marker;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Progressive Electric Direction;
  • Gearshift indicator;
  • Brake light;
  • 12V power take-off;
  • Arrow navigation with voice command;
  • Rear parking sensor.

Consumption of the new Spin 2021

As this car is ideally suited for families and commercial-level passenger transportation, it has one of its priorities as fuel economy, being one of the most economical in its class.

Check below the fuel consumption of the New Chevrolet Spin 2021:  

  • Average consumption: 6.5 km / l with alcohol;
  • Average consumption: 9.2 km / l with gasoline;
  • Average consumption: 7.4 km / l with alcohol;
  • Average consumption: 10.8 km / l with gasoline.

This was a project car so that several people could stay in it for long periods of time without losing their comfort and of course without spending a lot on fuel.

2021 Chevrolet Spin specs

In determining whether a car should be bought or not, it is of paramount importance that the consumer pre-purchase analyzes other 2021 cars , including their competitors, to know if they are making the right choice.

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In addition, the technical data sheet should be consulted, as this is where the main information about the vehicle is, such as the New Chevrolet Spin 2021.

See below:


  • Fuel tank (liters): 53;
  • Weight in running order (kg): 1,167;
  • Overall Length (mm): 4,360;
  • Max Height (mm): 1.665;
  • Overall Width – Mirror to Mirror (mm): 1,953;
  • Body Width (mm): 1,735;
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2.620;
  • 710 liter trunk.


  • Maximum Net Torque: Gasoline: 16.8 mkgf (165 Nm) @ 2800 rpm / Ethanol: 17.7 mkgf (174 Nm) @ 2600 rpm;
  • Valves, total: 8 (SOHC);
  • Number of cylinders: 4 in a row;
  • Electronic fuel injection: MPFI;
  • Compression Ratio: 12.3;
  • Maximum Net Power: Gasoline: 106 hp (78 kW / 105 hp) @ 5200 rpm / Ethanol: 111 hp (82.0 kW / 110 hp) @ 5200 rpm;
  • Type: Front Cross, Gasoline and Ethanol.

We realized from research that customers’ priority was luggage space, ”says Juliana. The trunk is really big and holds 710 liters.

Price and versions new Spin 2021

The launch of the New Chevrolet Spin 2021 will feature a few different versions of this new model, as it should serve many different functions.

However, the difference between the value of each version is not very wide.

Check it out below;

  • New Chevrolet Spin – Activ7 AT6: $ 21100;
  • New Chevrolet Spin – LTZ AT6: $ 20700;
  • New Chevrolet Spin – Activ AT6: $ 20200;
  • New Chevrolet Spin – LTZ MT6: $ 19800;
  • New Chevrolet Spin – LT AT6: $ 17700;
  • New Chevrolet Spin – LT MT6: $ 17400;
  • New Chevrolet Spin – LS MT6: $ 16200.

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