New Chevrolet Spark 2023: price, photos, consumption, standard items

The new version of the new Chevrolet Spark 2023 is about to arrive, which has already attracted several new buyers because it is a compact and very modern car. The automaker’s plan is that the Chevrolet Spark 2023 will eventually replace the current Celta, thereby reformulating its range of popular cars in USA

Discover the Chevrolet Spark 2023

With a new look, the New Chevrolet Spark 2023 is looking forward to promising more advanced production items to help the driver and make passengers more comfortable.

The attention it receives because of its redesign in the visual, is due to its chrome front face and the angular lines which will make the car with more grandeur on the streets.

However, the main objective of Spark 2023 is the maximum convenience and safety that a car can offer, being one of the main compacts to be launched this year 2023.

Chevrolet Spark Series Items

As noted, new items will be added to the existing New Chevrolet Spark 2023 , all of these new items must be high tech in order to make Spark as modern as possible and to have greater advantage from its competitors, see below:

In addition, many of these new items focus on passenger comfort and safety and improvements for the driver.

Discover all the elements that will be added in the new Spark:

  • Protection bars on doors;
  • ABS braking system;
  • 12 V PTO;
  • Seat padding;
  • Hydraulic steering;
  • Exterior door handles in vehicle color;
  • Leather steering wheel;
  • Trunk lid with integrated handle;
  • 13 ′ steel rim with integrated wheel covers;
  • Double airbag;
  • Front grille with chrome details;
  • Flashlights with dark lenses;
  • Digital clock;
  • Air conditioner;
  • Engine immobilization system;
  • Trapezoidal air conditioning outputs;
  • Headlights with blackened “Dark Chrome” interior surface and blackened lenses;
  • Seven inch touchscreen entertainment system (New Chevrolet Mylink).

New Chevrolet Spark 2023

All these new equipment have been developed so that the car can enter a new level of competition for the consumer, as the compacts of other assemblers are modernizing more and more.

Consumption of the new Spark

The consumption of the New Chevrolet Spark 2023 has not yet been officially announced by INMETRO, however, the forecast is that it will not be very different from its old model.

➤ Discover the main versions of 2023:

  • Gasoline: average 13.8 km per liter;
  • Ethanol: average 9.5 km per liter.
  • Petrol: average of 16.9 km per liter;
  • Ethanol: average 12.2 km per liter.

As indicated, these measures have not yet been confirmed by INMETRO, which means that they can be changed, both up and down.

But as soon as new updates are released, we will let you know!

Chevrolet Spark 2023 specifications

It is through the specifications of the technical sheet that the consumer will be able to know all the details of the vehicle, and decide to buy consumer goods.

For this reason, see below the full details of the specifics of the New Chevrolet Spark 2023:

  • Engine: The 1.0 Ecotec three-cylinder 75 hp engine uses a new 1.4 Ecotec 100 hp petrol engine;
  • Width (mm): 1626;
  • Length (mm): 3788;
  • Height (mm): 1408;
  • Tank capacity: 54;
  • Trunk capacity: 260 liters;
  • Weight (kg): 890;
  • Between the axles (mm): 2443.

New Spark 2023 price

The price of each version of the New Chevrolet Spark 2023 has not yet been set by the automaker, which means the market can only speculate on its sales value.

Which can be around $ 9,000.

The car will be launched in the following versions:

  • Spark DOT special series.
  • Spark LTZ;
  • Spark LT;
  • Spark LS.

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