New Chevrolet Equinox 2023: price, photos, interior and specifications

The new Chevrolet Equinox 2023 will hit the USA automotive market with everything! The model was created to provide comfort, safety for the family to enjoy stress-free walks. This is why Chevrolet brings quality standard components to the interior of the car. Meet the 2023 Chevrolet Equinox keep reading!

About the Equinox 2023

The Equinox 2023 is one of the most anticipated cars of the year by USA buyers, because the vehicle is of good quality and offers its consumers the best. This new version will give the floor!

The vehicle brings many new features in addition to its new style for the 2023 launch, all to grab the attention of buyers, such as:

  • Engine: 2.0 Turbo;
  • LT wheels: aluminum 7Jx18 – Premier: aluminum 7.5Jx19;
  • LT tires: P225 / 60 R18 – Premier: P235 / 50 R19;
  • Electronic stability control;
  • Electronic stability program – ESP;
  • Traction control system – TCS;
  • Transmission: with 9 speeds;
  • Adaptive high beams;
  • Others.

The elements inside the vehicle are equipped with high technology, which makes it modern and capable of meeting the needs of the driver and passenger.

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New Chevrolet Equinox 2023

Chevrolet Equinox Standard Articles

It is possible to know the technological level of the car when analyzing the standard elements of the same thing, so if you want to have this machine in your garage, analyze all the details.

The New Chevrolet brand, when creating this new model, insisted on placing high-quality equipment in the vehicle, all to offer its consumers safety and comfort.

Check out the New Chevrolet Equinox series items now:

  • Power steering;
  • Automatic transmission – With six speeds;
  • Autonomous braking – at low speed;
  • Sunroof;
  • Connection – 4G;
  • Traction controls;
  • Track maintenance assistant;
  • Leather wrapped banks: with electrical settings;
  • Digital air conditioning;
  • Stability controls;
  • Head-on collision alerts;
  • Multimedia center: 8-inch MyLink 2 screen;
  • Connectivity: Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and OnStar Assistant.

Chevrolet Equinox 2023 specifications

Getting to know the specifications of the New Chevrolet Equinox 2023 will further improve your vision of the model, because the car will be very well matched. Therefore, buyers are very worried that the model will arrive in USA.

The car may be a “light hybrid”, which would reduce your fuel consumption in specific situations.

Learn more details about the vehicle:


  • Engine: 2.0 Turbo;
  • Electronic fuel injection: Direct;
  • Steering: progressive electric – EPS;
  • Cylinder (Cm³): 1.998;
  • Valves: 16;
  • Number of cylinders in line: 4;
  • Compression ratio: 9.5: 1;
  • Traction: 4 × 2 LT / AWD – Premier;
  • Maximum net power: 262 hp at 5,500 rpm;
  • Maximum net torque: 37 kgfm @ 4500 rpm;
  • Transmission: automatic, nine speed – with Active Select option);
  • Brakes: disc;
  • Front suspension: independent McPherson type, with stabilizer bar connected to the tension rods and coil springs – Lateral load;
  • Rear suspension: independent, 4 arms;
  • Wheels: LT: 7Jx18 Premier aluminum and 7.5Jx19 aluminum;
  • Tires: LT: P225 / 60 R18 Premier and P235 / 50 R19.

Dimensions and capacities

  • Height (mm); 1,697;
  • Width (mm); 1,843;
  • Length (mm): 4,652;
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2,725;
  • Trunk (L): 468 to 1627;
  • Tank (L): 59;
  • Weight (Kg): 1.640;
  • Occupants: 5.

Average consumption of the new Equinox 2023

Thanks to the result of INMETRO on the consumption of the vehicle, the buyer will know if it is worth investing in the car, and it is in this spirit that the manufacturer launched this more economical model.

The model will run on gasoline and diesel, now check the results of the average consumption tests New Chevrolet Equinox 2023 for gasoline:

  • Consumption city: 8.9 km / l ;
  • Road consumption: 10.3 km / l .

To know more about the model, see the photos!

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Equinox 2023 Price

As one of the latest SUV models currently on the market, the price of the vehicle conforms to its specifications.

Because the car has a lot of equipment and features, it stands out and makes it even more attractive in its segment. Check the price of Equinox 2023 :

  • Starting at $ 30,000 .

Attention: As soon as new information is published, we will update!

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