New Chevrolet Bolt 2023: Price, PHOTOS, Consumption, Technical Data

The New Chevrolet Bolt 2023 is part of the list of 100% electric cars that will arrive in USA in 2023. With the Chevrolet Bolt 2023, the owner can travel up to 383 km with a fully charged battery. Learn more about these details below!

New Chevrolet Bolt 2023

Electric cars are still seen with a certain decline in USA, but this situation is starting to change. In the United States, electric cars are already enjoying great success.

One of the things that still makes electric cars visible with one foot behind is the time it takes to charge.

With a household charger, it is possible to charge the complete battery in 1 hour of charge. If charged in a normal 120-volt outlet, it takes up to 60 hours to complete recharging.

New Chevrolet Bolt 2023

The performance of the New Chevrolet Bolt 2023 is also subject to discussion, as its power is equivalent to 203 CV with a torque of 36.7 kgfm in its electrical block.

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In tests, the electric was faster than the Audi TT, because it makes 0 to 100 km / h in 6.5 seconds.

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  • New Renault Zoe
  • New Nissan Sheet

Chevrolet Bolt 2023 Standard items

Although it is considered a compact car, the internal design of the new Bolt offers a feeling of space, with 60 kWh batteries, a range of 383 km in the EPA and 520 km in the NEDC.

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As for the standard elements of the model, the Bolt has a 10.2 inch touch screen. See the full list of New Chevrolet Bolt items below:

  • Airbags;
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto;
  • Air conditioner;
  • Bluetooth;
  • On-board computer with 8 inch screen;
  • GPS;
  • Blind spot monitoring;
  • 10.2 inch multimedia touch screen;
  • Cross traffic;
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel;
  • Among others.

An interesting part of the standard elements of the model is to be able to slow down the Bolt 2023 without having to press the brake pedal.

It is possible to brake the electric from a steering wheel lever, which helps convert energy into more electricity.

Chevrolet Bolt 2023 specifications

One of New Chevrolet’s strategies is to advertise “as simple as charging your cell phone.” The charge rate for the new New Chevrolet Bolt 2023 is 10 km per hour of charge and the charger is supplied with the vehicle and can be charged from the 220VAC / 10A residential outlet.

Speaking also of the brake pedal of the new Bolt, the model offers Low mode, which means that at any speed, the vehicle can stop simply by taking your foot off the accelerator.

Technology allows the car to use less energy and have a longer range. However, these features may be limited depending on the battery charge time.

Consumption Chevrolet Bolt 2023

The base charger, which can be recharged in an ordinary household outlet, has a charging time of 10 km per hour of charging.

The semi-rapid charger can be charged in buildings and homes with a range of 40 km per hour of charge. This type of equipment is not supplied with the vehicle and requires installation by professionals.

The fast charger gives the vehicle a charging rate of around 145 km with only 30 minutes of charging. This means that in half an hour of charging, the car has already charged 80% of the total charge.

Chevrolet Bolt 2023 Price

The price of the New Chevrolet Bolt has not yet been officially announced in USA, but it is expected that the value will be around $ 29,000 .

Soon we will update this message. Discover an exclusive video of the new Bolt 2023 and more photos of the launch.

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