New Chevrolet Blazer 2021: price, technical data and photos!

The new Chevrolet Blazer 2021 is called the “Camaro SUV”. General Motors has invested heavily in this model and has no official information yet to know if it will be made in USA. The model will share the same platform as the Cadillac XT5 and the new Chevrolet Blazer 2021 gives the floor.

The assembly of the new Blazer is done in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico and although we do not know if it works on USA soil, discover a little more about the New Chevrolet Blazer 2021 and its new items.

Chevrolet Blazer 2021

A new Chevrolet Blazer 2021 is that the engine and transmission are transverse, not longitudinal. Although it was made in the same place as Equinox and Cruze, the new Blazer is different in shape and composition.

In addition, Blazer 2021 also has an all-wheel drive system which has the ability to deactivate the rear axle of the car. The towing capacity of the new Blazer is 2,040 kilos and the rear suspension is multi-link.

New Chevrolet Blazer 2021

Also new compared to this 2021 model is the double coupling clutch in Premier and RS versions and the driving mode selector which can be activated with the moving car, the Traction Select.

Main competitors for the New Chevrolet Blazer 2021 :

Let’s get to know a little about the standard items of the New Chevrolet Blazer 2021.

Chevrolet Blazer Standard Articles

One of the reasons why the New Chevrolet Blazer 2021 is nicknamed the “Camaro SUV” is because of its interior, with features of the imposing Camaro. With some missing series items here at GM do USA , Blazer 2021 is making history abroad.

Discover the main elements of Blazer 2021 :

  • ACC,
  • glove box that locks in valet mode,
  • five heated seats,
  • rear view camera,
  • multimedia system connected to the internet,
  • led lighthouses,
  • panoramic sunroof,
  • adaptive cruise control,
  • Rims 18, 20 and 21.

In addition to the items mentioned, New Chevrolet Blazer gains a central screen with an 8-inch Mylink system; the internal connection is 4G for Android Auto and Apple Cardplay, premium sound from bose, a wireless mobile phone charger and four USB outputs, increasing to six outputs in the high-end versions of the category.

Blazer 2021

GM has not yet provided measurements for the New Chevrolet Blazer 2021 . However, being composed of 5 seats, it is larger than the Equinox.

For example, the wheelbase and width of the Equinox are 4.65 m long, 2.73 m wheelbase, 1.84 m wide.

The conclusion is that the new Blazer will not be due in space. Its technical sheet is not outdone in terms of robustness. Have or take a look:

  • Two engines (a 3.6 V6, inherited from the Camaro, with 309 hp and 37.20 kgfm of torque, another 2.5 four-cylinder, 2.5 liters from the Ecotec range, with 195 hp and 26 kgfm of torque),
  • Direct injection and start / stop and deactivation of the cylinders,
  • Option 4 × 2 and AWD with nine-speed automatic transmission,
  • Safe with capacity up to 1,818 liters

For now this is the information on the New Chevrolet Blazer 2021 . As soon as there is more information, we will make it available on the website.

Consumption Chevrolet Blazer 2021

Between the city / highway route, the New Chevrolet Blazer 2021 has certain characteristics typical of large cars. Muscular, the SUV can follow the following consumption table:

  • City

Petrol: version 2.5– 8.4 km / liter;

Petrol version 3.6 – 6.6 km / liter;

  • Road

Petrol version 2.5–10.5 km / liter;

Petrol version 3.6 – 8.6 km / liter.

Chevrolet Blazer 2021 Price

As the New Chevrolet Blazer should not come to USA, there is no official information concerning the prices of the utility. However, experts estimate that the high-end version could cost $ 57,000 .

As soon as there is information regarding the launch of the New Chevrolet Blazer in USA, we will inform you here on the site. Discover more photos:

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