New Audi Q3 2021: Price, Specifications, Consumption, PHOTOS, SUV

The new Audi Q3 2021 will soon hit the national market. The second generation of the luxury SUV gains a more aggressive look and is reasonably larger in size! But although the model has not yet appeared here, it is already a big hit on the Internet. So that you know the big car well, we have so far gathered all the official information about the new Audi Q3 2021!

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New Audi Q3 2021

One of the pioneers of compact luxury SUVs, the New Audi Q3 debuted in 2011 and did its first restyling in 2015. Now is the time to meet the second generation!

Beginning the evaluation by design, the front brings a little of what was already presented in the Q8 , the largest utility of the German brand. The grille is frightened of the bumper and has vertical chrome bars. At the bottom, the fog light niche is joined by a silver frame.

New Audi Q3 2021

Viewed diagonally, the New Audi Q3 2021 is clearly more muscular, with pleats that further improve the body.

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Series Q3 2021

The interior is also brand new and has no memories of the current Q3. The new panel follows the updated standards of the automaker and great proof of this is the new equipment presented by the model.

Discover the main elements of the New Audi Q3 2021 series :

  • Panel and seats in suede leather;
  • Manual adjustable anti-dazzle mirror;
  • Digital air conditioning;
  • Anti-theft alarm system;
  • Board computer;
  • Concert radio;
  • 8 speakers;

  • Bluetooth interface;
  • Start-Stop system;
  • Seat belts with buckle sensor;
  • Front side airbags and head airbag system;
  • Three-point automatic seat belt for all occupants;
  • Electronic Stability Program (ESP).

Audi Q3 2021 specifications

Consult the technical sheet of the New Audi Q3 2021 (still incomplete):
  • Width: 1.89 meters (without mirrors);
  • Between the axles: 2.65 meters;
  • Length: 4.48 meters;
  • Safe: 420 liters;
  • Traction: front or full (depending on version).

The average consumption of the New Audi Q3 is 10.2 km / l of petrol in the city and 13.4 km / l on the road, according to tests carried out by Inmetro.

New Q3 2021 versions and price

Although the model is cited to come to USA, it is not yet known if it will be manufactured on national soil. Therefore, the price of the New Audi Q3 2021 displayed here may change.

Find out:

  • TFSI Ambiente S tronic quattro: $ 41,800
  • TFSI Ambition S tronic quattro: $ 33000
  • TFSI Attraction S tronic quattro: $ 36000
  • TFSI S tronic environment: $ 35800
  • Attraction TFSI S tronic: $ 33,500

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