JAC T80 2023 : Prices, Specs, Consumables, Photos

The JAC T80 2023 is a state-of-the-art SUV that will come to US with the goal of being the most modern of its kind. To achieve its goal the new JAC T80 2023 is equipped with a modern engine, new internal items and an interior full of new items as we will see next!

JAC T80 2023

There have been no announcements about the official launch date of the JAC T80 2023 , but we have gathered information about the model and you may know it better next!

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Features of the JAC T80 2023

The JAC T80 2023 come to US as the most equipped and expensive SUV of the automaker for sale in US.

The expectation for the launch of the model has been growing among its admirers, and one among the expected news is its engine that is now all protected by plastic cover.

The interior of the model also has surface coated in leather, doors in rubber material and synthetic leather in its seats that also present electrical adjustment.

JAC T80 2023

The JAC T80 2023 will be positioned as a competitor to 2023 models such as the Volkswagen Tiguan , the Peugeot 5008 and the Mitsubishi Outlander, SUVs that stand out in the market for offering technology, performance and safety to its users.

Items of the JAC T80 2023

The list of JAC T80 2023 series items has grown, and now the model offers its users novelties like:

  • Digital instrument panel with 12.3 “screen;
  • Head-up display;
  • 4 cameras for 360 ° viewing in the multimedia center;
  • Cover of the trunk with electric drive,
  • Electrical direction,
  • Full-led headlamps and lanterns;
  • Dual-zone automatic air conditioning with exits for the second and third row of seats;
  • Adaptive autopilot;
  • Track output alert;
  • Collision warning;
  • Emergency braking system;
  • Monitor blind spots.

Technical specifications of the JAC T80 2023

We are still waiting for the technical file since launch to be released, but some of the information that may already be expected for the model are:

  • Engine 2.0 turbo with indirect injection with start-stop;
  • Power: 200 hp;
  • Front wheel drive;
  • Automated dual clutch exchange;
  • Suspension with McPherson strut on the front axle and multilink on the rear;
  • Length: 4,79 meters;
  • Width: 1,90 meters;
  • Height: 1.76 meters;
  • Distance between axles: 2.75 meters;
  • Capacity: 7 seats.

As soon as we officially release the new JAC T80 datasheet we will update more information!

Consumption of JAC T80 2023

The test of consumption of the JAC T80 has not yet been announced by INMETRO, however for this launch we expect the following average consumption:

  • Average consumption: 10.3 km per liter between city / highway.

As soon as we released the official release consumption we will update more information in our post, keep an eye!

Price of the new JAC T80

The price of JAC T80 2023 in US has not yet been disclosed, however the model can arrive in its entry version with a price starting at $ 35100.

As soon as the price and the official versions for this release have been announced we will update more information, continue following our post!

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