JAC T70 2023 : Prices, Specs, Consumables, Photos

The JAC T70 2023 is an SUV with space for seven passengers and luxury equipment of a superior category that have been tested to enter the US automotive market. If you already know the model or want to know more about this launch follow the information we gather about the new JAC T70 2023 !

The objective of the automaker is that the JAC T70 2023 will surprise the market by offering an SUV with much more comfort, technology and performance, then we will check what the model offers to meet those expectations.

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JAC T70 2023

JAC Motors has invested heavily in SUVs with the aim of growing in this segment, and its next bet is the JAC T70 2023.

The model has not yet had its details disclosed in US, but in China is already offered with 2 options of motorization, the 1.5 T-GDI engine with 174 hp and 25.7 mkgf, and 2.0 Turbo engine, 190 hp and 30.5 mkgf.

We still do not know if both options have arrived in US, but the expectation is that we have here the 2.0 turbo engine associated with an automated transmission of seven gears.

JAC T70 2023

In the visual, the JAC T70 2023 brings daring lines that make the model bold and modern, with LED headlights and a new front grille.

The new JAC T70 2023 would be positioned above the other SUVs of the brand being in the range of models starting at $ 27000, so its main competitors in US would be the Jeep Compass , the Chevrolet Equinox and the Peugeot 3008 .

Items of the JAC T70 2023

The interior of the JAC T70 2023 is renewed and now has new technology items, among them we can wait for:

  • Air conditioning;
  • Bluetooth;
  • Assisted steering;
  • Reverse camera
  • Automatic parking lot;
  • Internet connectivity;
  • Digital instrument panel;
  • Multimedia center;
  • Stability and traction controls;
  • Involuntary change of alert;
  • Adaptive autopilot;
  • Park Assist;
  • Collision warning;
  • Monitoring of blind spots;
  • Automatic emergency braking.

Technical specifications of the JAC T70 2023

The technical file of this release has not yet been released, but we hope for a model with details such as:

  • Length: 4,79 m;
  • Width: 1.9 m;
  • Height: 1.79 m;
  • Between-axes of 2.75 m;
  • Capacity: five or seven people;
  • Luggage compartment: 477 liters;
  • Wheel rim 18;
  • Tires 235/60;
  • Independent four-wheel suspension;
  • Front wheel drive;
  • Disc brakes.

As soon as the T70 2023 datasheet is released we will update more information for you.

Consumption of JAC T70

The JAC T70 consumer tests have not yet been released, but the model is expected to perform remarkably at this launch.

  • The expected average for the JAC t70 2023 is 13.4 km / liter between city / highway.

Price of the new JAC T70

The value of this release was not disclosed, and the automaker is expected to announce the value of the SUV only at the official release of the model.

The expected is that the JAC T70 arrive from $ 27000 in the entry version and can reach $ 35100 in the top version of the line.

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