Hyundai i30 2023 : Prices, Specs, Photos, News

The Hyundai i30 2023 has already been planned to arrive in US in the second half of 2023, and as we like to let our readers know everything that is new, we gather information about the new Hyundai i30 2023 and we prepare this post for you!

Hyundai i30 2023

The Hyundai i30 2023 is provided with new visuals and new items that make the model even more complete as we will see next!

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Although not yet officially confirmed the Hyundai i30 2023 comes with new features selected so that it is an even more complete model.

Hyundai i30 2023

So far the expectation is that the launch 2023 brings a new front grille, sharper side lines and refurbished LED headlights.

Items of the Hyundai i30 2023

  • Dual zone digital air conditioning;
  • Leather bench;
  • Driver’s seat with electrical adjustments;
  • Start Button;
  • Central entertainment with seven screen “touch screen, integrated radio with DVD player, MP3, GPS, Bluetooth and steering wheel controls;
  • Stability Control (ESP);
  • Sliding central seat;
  • Supervision panel in TFT LED;
  • Automatic pilot;
  • Panoramic sunroof;
  • Leather steering wheel.

The items of the new Hyundai i30 are being selected so that the sport offers more connectivity, comfort and safety, among these items we have:

Technical specifications of the Hyundai i30 2023

The technical data sheet of the i30 2023 will present new information in order to follow the evolution of the model, but while we wait for this fact sheet to be released, check some information already expected:

  • Length of the vehicle: 4,300 mm;
  • Width of vehicle: 1,780 mm;
  • Vehicle height: 1,495 mm;
  • Distance between axles: 2,650 mm;
  • Fuel tank: 53 liters;
  • Luggage compartment: 378 L / Rebatidos: 1316 liters;
  • Weight in running order: 1,250 ~ 1352 kg.

Safety of the Hyundai i30 2023

Offering security to its users is one of the main objectives of the new i30 , so the model has:

  • Seven Airbags;
  • Imminent collision alert;
  • Blind spot alert;
  • Assistant of stay in band;
  • Dynamic headlamp assistant;
  • Adaptive speed control;
  • Detection detector and cross-traffic sensor;

  • Automatic headlamp;
  • Automatic emergency braking;
  • Speed ​​limit information function (reading of road signs by means of front camera);
  • Adaptive autopilot (operates only at speeds above 10 km / h);
  • Active maintenance system on lane.

Consumption of the Hyundai i30 2023

The new consumption of i30 2023 has not yet been announced, so while we wait for INMETRO results, check the average expected:

  • Average consumption in the city: 9.2 km / liters ;
  • Average consumption on the road: 11.8 km / liters .

As soon as more information is announced we will update the new consumption of the Hyundai i30 2023 .

Price of the Hyundai i30 2023

We expect a re-priced Hyundai i30, but this has not yet been announced.

Currently the i30 has an initial price from $ 21580 and $ 28670 in the most complete version.

As for the versions we expect the model in 3 options:

  • New i30 Input version;
  • New i30 GLS Version;
  • New i30 Series Limited.

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