Honda Insight 2020 : Photos, Prices, Modifications and Engine

The Honda Insight 2020 has already appeared at the National Institute of Industrial Registration (INPI), or is it just a matter of time to have its release released in our market! The hybrid version of the Civic will come to US to rival directly with the Prius. Are you curious to know the Honda Insight 2020 ? Follow our review!

New Honda Insight 2020

It’s no secret that Honda has big plans to electrify its line and one of the biggest tests is the new generation of Insight 2020 !

Introduced at the beginning of 2018, the 2020 model looks quite similar to the new Honda Civic ! It arrives in a very bold style, with headlights and lanterns completely of leds and alloy wheels of flowing design.

Honda Insight 2020

On the front grille of the 2020 hybrid car you can see traces of the design “Flying wing” or “flying wings”.

Returning to the LED headlights, they join the chrome fillet and roof trim similar to a coupe, concluding the concept of “futuristic” car.

The Insight will be positioned in the North American market between the Civic and the Honda Accord . Among the main competitors of the Honda Insight 2020 , we have the Prius 2020 !

Honda Insight 2020 engine and datasheet

If the Honda hybrid resembles the Civic in appearance, things look totally different in the mechanical set! The engine of the Honda Insight 2020 counts two engines, one electric and one combustion.

The first is the 1.5-liter Atkinson intake, which generates 108 hp and 13.7 kgfm. The second is the electric motor with a set of lithium-ion batteries that generates 152 hp and 27.2 kgfm. All this is linked to the CVT type gearbox.

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According to the Japanese brand, the fuel consumption of the Honda Insight 2020 is 23.4 km / l.

The information of the datasheet of the national Honda Insight 2020 has not yet been fully disclosed. So far we have information about the dimensions, check out:

  • Length: 4395 mm
  • Width: 1695 mm
  • Between-axles: 270 m
  • Height: 1695 mm
  • Carrier: 408 l

Honda Insight 2020 Series Items

For being one of the biggest launch of Honda for 2020, the interior of the new Insight has a very refined finish!

The highlight goes to the multimedia system with 8-inch touch screen and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connection. The center will update the system online through Wi-Fi connection with smartphones.

Also, know the highlights of the Honda Insight 2020 series :

  • Analog-digital cluster;
  • Air-conditioning compact;
  • Soft touch coating;
  • Elevated console with gear knob;
  • Slot wireless for smartphone;
  • Collision alert and range invasion;
  • Automatic emergency braking;
  • Adaptive cruise control;
  • Low speed driving assistant;
  • Traffic sign recognition system.

The EX and Touring models still receive the Honda LaneWatch, with blind spot sensor and in-band assist.

Honda Insight 2020 Versions and Pricing

Due to the policy of encouraging the consumption of hybrid cars in US, the prices of the Honda Insight 2020 will come with a reduction of 7% of IPI.

To make a fierce competition against the already established Prius hybrid, it is possible that Honda Insight values range from $ 34700 to $ 37175 !

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