Honda CR-V 2020 : Prices, Photos, Specs, Consumption

The new Honda CR-V 2020 arrives with much news to the US automotive market, starting with its look that is even more modern. Below, check out more information about the Honda CR-V 2020 and stay on top of all the new details of this SUV.

Honda CR-V 2020

Honda is a brand that is always looking for innovations for its automotive vehicles, bringing to the US automotive market even more news and technologies in its automobiles. And it’s no different with the new Honda CR-V 2020 .

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The model arrives with plenty of news, bringing even more modernity, technology, safety, comfort, stability and economy to its customers and users.

Honda CR-V 2020

Main competitors of the Honda CR-V 2020:

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Available Colors Honda CR-V

We are awaiting the release of the new colors of the Honda CR-V. Currently the model is available in the following key:

  • White Diamond , pearl style;
  • Lunar Silver , of metallic hue;
  • Crystal Black ;
  • Basque Red .

Serial items found on the Honda HR-V 2020

We know that the items present in a vehicle says a lot about it, where it will increase your bandage and demand for it.

In the new 2020 model customers and users will be able to find:

  • Full LED headlights;
  • Starting the engine at a distance;
  • Head up display;
  • Fatigue alert;
  • Electric seats with memory;
  • Digital air conditioning with two zones and rear air vents;
  • Electric parking brake;
  • Brake Hold System;
  • Electric sunroof;
  • 18-inch wheels;

  • Opening the “hands free” trunk (opens with a foot motion under the rear bumper);
  • Six airbags (front, side and curtain);
  • Isofix;
  • Traction control and stability;
  • Tire pressure monitoring;
  • New multimedia center with 7 “touch screen;
  • Built-in GPS;
  • Connection via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Average consumption of the Honda HR-V 2020

The new Honda HR-V 2020 is still in the consumer test, where it will be possible to evaluate its fuel economy. Once we get this information, we will update this post again.

Meanwhile, check out the average consumption of the current model:

  • Consumption city: 6.4 km / l supplied with alcohol and 9.2 km / l fueled with gasoline;
  • Consumption road: 8.1 l fueled with alcohol and 11.5 km / l fueled with gasoline.

Technical specifications of the new Honda CR-V 2020

Next, check the datasheet of the current Honda CR-V model:


  • Engine 1.5l Turbo 16V DOHC Double VTC with Direct Injection;
  • Power (cv / rpm) – Gasoline 190cv / 5600rpm;
  • Torque (kg-m / rpm) – Gasoline 24.5kg-m / rpm;
  • 4 × 4 Real Time Traction;
  • CVT type automatic transmission with Paddle Shifts;
  • Wheels (in) Light alloy – 18 “ring;
  • Tires 235 / 60R18;
  • Steppe 235 / 60R18;
  • Direction with progressive electrical assistance;
  • MacPherson strut front suspension;
  • Multi-link Rear Suspension.

Dimensions and capacities

  • Height (mm): 1667;
  • Width (mm): 1855;
  • Length (mm): 4591;
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2660;
  • Total Gross Weight (kg): 2130;
  • Mass in running order (kg): 1607;
  • Fuel tank capacity (L): 57.

Price of the new Honda CR-V 2020

Honda is keeping information on the new Honda CR-V 2020 in total secrecy. One of them, is the versions and prices that the same will be available.

Currently the model is sold by:

  • Honda CR-V Touring: Starting at $ 49350 .

Once we get more information about this release, we’ll be updating this post again so you can stay in more detail.

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