Honda Accord 2020 : Price, Pictures, Specs and Consumables

The admirers of new vehicles always seek to know the news that the market presents, so we could not stop talking about the Honda Accord 2020 . The model has been prepared with improvements of visual and performance, and then we can know a little more of the Honda Accord 2020 .

The characteristics of this launch point to a Honda Accord 2020 even better than the current model, keep track and stay inside everything!

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What’s New in the Honda Accord 2020

The Honda Accord 2020 is a complete vehicle that brings as key features to this release improvements such as:

Technical specifications of the newHonda Accord 2020

We can know more of a vehicle through its technical sheet, but as the file of the new Accord has not yet been released by the automaker, check out some information already expected that we gather:


  • 3.5L V6 24V SOHC i-VTEC Engine | Gasoline;
  • Power from 280hp to 6,200rpm;
  • Torque from 34.6 Kgf.m to 4,900 rpm;
  • Front wheel drive;
  • 6-speed automatic transmission with Paddle Shift;
  • Tires 235/45 R18;
  • Temporary steppe;
  • 18 “alloy wheels;
  • Power steering with stability assist MA-EPS (Motion Adaptive – Electric Power Steering);
  • MacPherson strut front suspension;
  • Multi-link independent rear suspension.


  • Wheelbase of 2,775 (mm);
  • Length of 4,910 (mm);
  • Height of 1.475 (mm);
  • Width 1,850 (mm);
  • Mass in running order of 1,632 (kg);
  • Total gross weight of 2,060 (kg);
  • 65 (l) gas tank capacity;
  • 506 (l) trunk volume.

Consumption of the new Honda Accord 2020

The performance of the new Honda Accord has not yet been reported, but the release has average consumption from:

  • Average consumption of 9.2 km / liter between city and highway.

Price of the Honda Accord 2020

We are still waiting for the price of the new Accord to be released, but you can check the value and the current version of the following model, see:

  • Honda Accord EX V6 Automatic Transmission: $ 41800

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