Ford Focus 2023 : Interior, Price, Specs and Consumption

If you are looking for a new car with sporty lines and aesthetic reference, know the Ford Focus 2023. All the curiosities, important information and precious details about the much anticipated launch of the Ford Focus 2023 you discover now!

Ford Focus 2023

This is the fourth line of the Ford Focus 2023 model. And the company has been preparing this as the launch of the most premium vehicle in its famous creations catalog.

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In Europe the debut of the car should happen in the first months of 2023, between January and February. An image of the product has leaked in the press, however it still appears in camouflaged colors.

Ford Focus 2023

Features of the Ford Focus 2023

The features of the Ford Focus 2023 follow a sporty lineage. Although Ford is creating a suspense about the new product, some features have already been released. In the safety items the vehicle gained prominence and guaranteed the 5 stars ranking in the evaluation of Latin NCAP. When we talk about the mechanical part the attributes are:

  • 1.6 Sigma Flex engine has 135hp and 5-speed manual gearbox with cold starting system;
  • Engine 2.0 Direct Flex yields up to 178cv and has 6-speed sequential transmission, with cold start system;
  • Paddle Shift System.

Ford Focus 2023 Versions

About the design of the Ford Focus 2023 , subject that attracts the looks of many consumers, some points also draw attention:

  • External sport design;
  • 17 “alloy wheels;
  • Aerodynamic lines;
  • Stability control;
  • Disc brake on all four wheels;
  • Foglights triangular in shape;
  • Rain sensor;
  • Automatic lighting of the headlamps;
  • LED daytime running lights;
  • Sunroof;
  • Full-led headlights.

The interior of the Focus 2023 also represents a lot at the time of choice, the car has several technological aspects:

  • Digital instrument panel, with TFT film;
  • Equipment such as head-up display;
  • Driving assistance systems, such as emergency braking;
  • Bluetooth connection;
  • Steering wheel audio controls;

Ford Focus Focus

The novelty in most versions of the new Focus 2023 is a reduction in weight of up to 50kg, and the length of the vehicle that will be extended by 5cm. The Focus 2023 hatch version models will be available on the market:

  • Focus Se 1.6;
  • Focus If 2nd AT;
  • Focus If 2nd AT with Synic;
  • Focus Se Plus 1.6;
  • Focus Se Plus 2.0 AT;
  • Focus Titanium 2.0 AT;
  • Focus Titanium Plus 2.0 AT.

The sedan models will receive 5 versions:

  • Focus If 2nd AT;
  • Focus If 2nd AT with Synic;
  • Focus Se Plus 2.0 AT;
  • Focus Titanium 2.0 AT;
  • Focus Titanium Plus 2.0 AT.

Some magazines said they believe that 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 petrol units will be made available on the market and 1.5 and 2.0 turbodiesels, with manual or automatic transmission and front wheel drive.

Technical specifications new Focus 2023

The fuel consumption of the Ford Focus 2023 is a significant item, especially at the current time in US, see:

  • Gasoline: Average of 8.1 km / l in the city and 10.2 km / l on the highway.
  • Alcohol: Average of 6.5 km / l in the city and 9.1 km / l on the road.

To stay inside the new car Ford model, understand the Ford Focus datasheet in 2 versions:

Ford Focus Hatch SE 1.6 16V TiVCT 2023:

  • Engine: 1.6;
  • Transmission: Manual of 5 gears;
  • Acceleration (0 to 100km / h): 12.5 s;
  • Maximum speed (km / h): 189 (e) / 183 (g);
  • Displacement (cm3): 1596;
  • Power (cv): 135 (e) / 131 (g);
  • Torque (kgfm): 16.7 (e) / 16.2 (g);
  • Brakes: Four disc brakes with two ventilated discs;
  • Length: 4360 mm;
  • Width: 1823 mm;
  • Height: 1469 mm;
  • Wheelbase: 2648 mm;
  • Weight: 1310 kg;
  • Door Handle (L): 316;
  • Direction: Electrical;
  • Fuel Tank: 55.0 L.

Focus Titanium:

  • Engine: 2.0 Flex;
  • Power: 178 hp;
  • Torque: 22.5 kgfm at 4500 rpm;
  • 6-speed automatic transmission;
  • Direction: electric;
  • Luggage compartment: hatch 316 liters and 421 liters sedan;
  • Weight: 1375 kilos.

Ford Focus 2023 price

Although not yet officially released by Ford, there is speculation about the value of the Ford Focus 2023:

  • Focus Hatch SE 1.6 16V TiVCT 2023 – $ 20000 ;
  • Focus Hatch SE Plus 1.6 TiVCT 2023 – $ 22700 ;
  • Focus Hatch SE Plus 2.0 PowerShift 2023 – $ 24100
  • Focus Hatch Titanium 2.0 PowerShift 2023 – $ 27300 ;
  • Focus Hatch Titanium Plus 2.0 PowerShift 2023 – $ 29000.

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