Ford Ecosport 2023 : Prices, Versions, Photos and Technical Details

The new Ford Ecosport 2023 is being prepared to present a major launch in the US market, including for example its new 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine. No big changes announced for this new Ford Ecosport 2023 , but we’ve been looking for some news and we’ve brought it to you, check it out!

Ford Ecosport 2023 Features

The new Ford Ecosport 2023 comes to the market in order to surpass its main competitor, the HRV of Honda that brings like main characteristic its motorization and performance.

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The Ford Ecosport 2023 is a Ford SUV in the US market since 2003, being the first compact SUV in the automotive industry that for many years has remained the market leader.

In recent years the model has won competitors, among them we can highlight the Honda HRV that gained space with its 1.8L 16V SOHC i-VTEC FlexOne engine with 140/6500 (cv / rpm) power with Gasoline and 139/6300 (cv / rpm).

Ford Ecosport 2023

For this release, Ford is preparing changes to the interior that offer the Ecosport 2023 a new fully redesigned instrument panel that brings greater ergonomics, connectivity and comfort to the SUV.

On the exterior we also have a new front grille painted in matte gray trapezoidal format containing three fillets with hive-shaped bottom, in addition to narrower headlights that stand out at the ends.

Items of the new Ford Ecosport 2023

As said earlier Ford invested heavily inside the Ford Ecosport 2023 for this launch, so the model brings new items such as:

  • Digital air conditioning;
  • Two USB inputs positioned in front of the shift lever;
  • Air-conditioned glove compartment;
  • Interior space organized with 20 object carriers;
  • SYNC Media System with emergency assistance;
  • Rain Sensor;
  • 2 front airbags, 2 sides for protection of the chest and 2 curtains for protection of the head;
  • ISOFIX child seats;
  • Ramp Start Assistant (HLA);
  • The Parking Sensor.

Ford Ecosport 2023 datasheet

The technical file of this release has not yet been released containing the information update of the 2023 model, however some details that you can already expect for it are:

  • Engine: 1.6 Sigma engine 126 hp and 2.0 versions, with 141 hp c;
  • Length (mm): 4241;
  • Width (mm): 2057;
  • Height (mm): 1696;
  • Between-axes (mm): 2521;
  • Weight: 1676;
  • Capacity of the trunk: 362.

We will update more Ford Ecosport 2023 fact sheet information as it becomes available, continue to follow up.

Average consumption of the new Ford Ecosport

Ford is expected to invest even more in the engine efficiency of the new Ford Ecosport 2023 , so the model will deliver even better performance than the current version.

For the 1.6 engine with Powershift automatic transmission the average expected is:

Refueling with Gasoline

  • 10.2 km / l average in the city;
  • Average of 12.1 km / l on the road.

Filling with Ethanol

  • Average 7.2 km / l in the city;
  • Average of 8.8 km / l on the road.

Ford Ecosport 2023 price

The launch will come with price readjusted, however while we do not have values ​​of the new Ford Ecosport 2023 check the current price of the SUV:

  • Ecosport 1.6 SE flex for $ 19400 ;
  • Ecosport 1.6 SE DIRECT PowerShift for $ 18600 ;
  • EcoSport 1.6 SE PowerShift for $ 21000 ;
  • EcoSport 1.6 Freestyle flex for $ 21400 ;
  • EcoSport 1.6 Freestyle Powershift for $ 22800 ;
  • EcoSport 1.6 Freestyle Plus Powershift for $ 23800 ;
  • EcoSport 2.0 Freestyle 4 × 4 for $ 24300 ;
  • EcoSport 2.0 Titanium PowerShift for $ 25600 .

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