Fiat Idea 2020 : Prices, specifications, pictures, news

The launch of the new Fiat Idea 2020 brings a new minivan to the market in order to surprise the market by offering even more technology and performance. No great information has yet been released on this release, however we have gathered some details of the Fiat Idea 2020 !

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The Fiat Idea 2020 is a vehicle for those looking for more space combined with new items and higher performance as we will see better next.

Fiat Idea 2020

The model can also present more accentuated lines that seek to offer the model a more modern look.

Fiat Idea 2020

Fiat Idea items

New technologies will be inserted in the Fiat Idea 2020 , making the model even more complete. Among the items that make up the Idea 2020 we will have:

  • Parking Sensor;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Hot air;
  • Hydraulic steering;
  • Dual airbag and ABS Brakes;
  • Electric windows;
  • MP3;
  • Steering wheel seats with height adjustment;

  • 12v socket;
  • Glove box with lighting;
  • On-board computer;
  • Dualogic® plus automatic transmission;
  • Pocket knife with remote control;
  • High tech kit.

More items can be presented in the versions of Ideia 2020, and in case it happens we will update more information in our post.

Idea 2020 Datasheet

We are still waiting for more information regarding the data sheet in the Fiat Idea , but some expected information can already be checked below:

  • Capacity of the trunk: 380 liters;
  • Fuel tank: 48 liters;
  • Length of vehicle: 4,207 mm;
  • Width of vehicle: 1,753 mm;
  • Height of vehicle: 1.814 mm;
  • Between-Shafts: 2511 mm;
  • Ground clearance: 185 mm.

Our readers will be able to check the updated Idea 2020 fact sheet as it is released!

Consumption of the Fiat Idea 2020

The consumption tests of the new Idea 2020 have not yet been completed, so the result we brought is an average, see:

Filled with ethanol:

  • Average of 5.8 km per liter in the city and 6.6 km per liter on the highway;

Refueling with gasoline:

  • Average of 8.9 km per liter in the city and 10.0 km per liter on the highway.

As soon as the Fiat Idea 2020 consumption test is released by INMETRO we will update more information!

Price of the Fiat Idea 2020

The price of the new Fiat Idea 2020 will not remain that of the current model, but this readjustment will be announced at the official launch of Idea 2020.

As for the versions, we expect 3 options:

  • Fiat Idea Attractive;
  • Fiat Idea Essence;
  • Fiat Idea Adventure.

Next you check the value of the model currently:

  • Fiat Idea Attractive 1.4 Flex: from $ 13890
  • Fiat Idea Essence 2016 1.6 16V Flex: from $ 14550
  • Fiat Idea Adventure 1.8 16V Flex: from $ 16900

Once we confirm the new values ​​we will update our post for you, keep following!

The following gives you more photos of the Fiat Idea, remembering that we will bring more information about the launch as soon as they are available:

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