Citroen C3 2023 : Photos, Price, Data sheet and News

The Citroen C3 2023 is a premium hatch designed to offer technology, comfort and performance, but as it has not reached the US market we have gathered what is already expected for this launch and we prepare the following post on the Citroen C3 2023 !

Citroen C3 2023

There have still been no announcements by the automaker about the news of the Citroen C3 2023 , but we have met speculations and some of the changes for you to see next.

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The improvements for the Citroen C3 2023 start with its look that can now present new, more rounded lines besides an option that brings in its body two colors.

The Citroen C3 2023 also features new LED headlamps and a redesigned front grille to make the hatch look even more futuristic.

Citroen C3 2023

Colors of the Citroen C3 2023

As for the external colors we have 7 options for the model 2023, then you check what they are:

  • Blanc Banquise (solid white);
  • Blanc Nacré (pearly white);
  • Gray Aluminum (metallic gray);
  • Gray Graphite (metallic gray);
  • Noir Perla-Nera (metallic black);
  • Dark Carmine (metallic brown);
  • Rouge Rubi (metallic red).

Items Citroen C3

We will now check the expected items for the Citroen C3 , remembering that the model can introduce new technologies, see:

  • 2 front airbags – driver and passenger;
  • Rear light break;
  • Air conditioning;
  • On-board computer;
  • Electrical direction;
  • Rear parking sensor;
  • Pionner Radio, AM / FM, MP3 and Bluetooth with 4 speakers;
  • Multimedia with 7 “touch screen screen;
  • AM / FM, MP3, Bluetooth;
  • Front 12 V socket (driver’s side);
  • Steering wheel with height adjustment;
  • Steering wheel with depth adjustment.

Technical specifications C3 2023

The data sheet of the Citroen C3 will present all the information regarding motorization, dimensions and capacities of the model, then check some details already expected:

  • Engine: 1.2 Manual;
  • Number of Cylinders: 3;
  • Number of Valves: 12;
  • Displacement: 1200 cm³;
  • Power: MPI electronic injection;
  • Maximum power: Petrol: 84 hp at 5750 rpm | Alcohol: 90 hp at 5750 rpm;
  • Maximum Torque: Petrol: 120 N. m. at 2750 rpm | Alcohol: 127 N. m. at 2750 rpm;
  • Fuels: Gasoline and ethanol;
  • Currency Exchange: 5-speed mechanic.

Capabilities and Dimensions

  • Tank capacity: 55 liters;
  • Length: 3944 mm;
  • Width: 1708 mm;
  • Height: 1521 mm;
  • Between-axes: 2460 mm;
  • Empty weight in running order: 1081 kg;
  • Payload: 427 kg;
  • Volume of the trunk: 300 liters.

Fuel consumption Citroen C3 2023

The consumption of the Citroen C3 is being evaluated by INMETRO, then follow the average expected for this launch:

Engine 1.6 flex

  • Average of 7.9 km / l fueled with ethanol in the city;
  • Average 8.8 km / l fueled with ethanol on the road;
  • Average 11.0 km / l fueled gasoline in the city;
  • Average 12.6 km / l fueled with gasoline on the road.

We will update the Citroen C3 2023 consumer test result as soon as it is released.

Price Citroen C3 2023

The redesigned value of the Citroen C3 2023 has not yet been disclosed, but we have brought the model’s current price while we wait for new values, check:

  • Citroen C3 1.2 manual start: R $ 12000 ;
  • Citroen C3 1.2 manual attraction Puretech: R $ 13500 ;
  • Citroen C3 1.2 manual Tendance Puretech: R $ 14350 ;
  • Citroen C3 1.6 Auto Attraction: R $ 15200 ;
  • Citroen C3 1.6 Auto Tendance: R $ 16800 ;
  • Citroen C3 1.6 Exclusive Auto: R $ 17800 .

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